Alper advises school on curriculum choices

Enrollment has increased since Al Alper, founder and chief executive officer of Absolute Logic, helped advise Baruch College in New York City on how to develop a curriculum for programs leading to degrees in cybersecurity and information assurance.

Alper is a member of the Cybersecurity Advisory Board for Baruch.  

Trevor T. Moores, professor in the Paul H. Chook Department of Information Systems & Statistics at Baruch College, announced that since the cybersecurity track was founded in fall 2016, the number of declared majors has tripled from 31 in fall 2016 to 93 in spring 2018. And that the overall IS program has also increased from 377 in fall 2016 to 442 in spring 2018.

The college plans to develop a graduate program in cybersecurity studies as well.

Alper serves on the Advisory Board with other members coming from the FBI, Colgate-Palmolive, ConEd, and elsewhere.

“It is great to be part of this board. We see where the industry is going and are grateful for the chance to help Professor Moores and the program,” Alper said, “It serves an important purpose in this region, because the problems associated with infrastructure attacks are likely to increase, not decrease. Being able to protect networks and infrastructure is based on having the best possible IT team looking out for the interests of businesses and organizations.  Baruch’s leadership in this very important area lays a foundation for a new generation of leaders focused on cybersecurity.”