Alexis Levy Design delivers big-city quality and small-town sensibility

Whether your home, business or commercial space is in need of a little sprucing up, or a whole heap of work, Wilton-based interior designer Alexis Levy can offer a solution.

Sitting in the living room of her family’s Drum Hill home, a converted barn originally built in 1907, she said her business, Alexis Levy Design, offers everything from simple art purchases to from-the-ground-up new home design.

“It all depends on the project,” she said last week. “I work with a lot with architects and contractors who are designing the house, or addition, and other times, it’s just decorative work.”

As the owner of a small design firm, she said her flexibility is one of her best assets.

“I’m open to do anything,” Ms. Levy said. “There are so many different ways for me to work in different capacities. For instance, I had a client who wanted to do most of the design herself, but really needed help on the small things. So, I literally walked around her house with my hands in my pockets and answered her questions when she asked.”

The designer has 17 years of experience, with stints as the Design & Decoration Building’s interior designer, and with Ralph Lauren’s Polo store development team.

Her designs rely on both artistic inspiration and technical expertise, she said. After graduating from William Smith College with a degree in art history, she was a Peggy Guggenheim fellow in Venice, Italy.

“My style is eclectic, but leans towards the modern,” Ms. Levy said. “I don’t like things to be too layered, and I don’t like crazy amounts of color — I like pops of color.

“The walls and floors should be a neutral color, because I use art and life to add color. If you look at a white kitchen, but there’s a group of people sitting at the table, the living adds in some of the colors,” she said.

One design factor she considers to be a strong consideration is the environment surrounding a home or office space.

“It’s important to consider the environment,” she said. “I love the idea of maple floors and light woods, but I tend not to do that around here. I never want my designs to be predictable [based on where they are] but I have to have a consideration of what’s around.

“It doesn’t have to be symmetrical,” she said. “A look is, or it isn’t. I want to see it click.”

Ms. Levy also stresses a strong, positive relationship with her clients — and values their opinion greatly.

“I always listen to my clients,” she said. “Everyone has a list of things that are very important to them. Cooking is very important to them, or gardening is. I always listen to them.

You’re in their closet, you’re in their bedroom, you’re involved in their marriage!”

Ms. Levy and her husband, an attorney, have their two daughters.