Absolute Logic’s Al Alper releases new book on Amazon

If anyone has ever been stung by a cyber-attack, the first question is, how did they do that?

The answers may be many, but they can all be boiled down to simple words of advice like never open suspicious emails, according to Al Alper, a Wilton resident and business owner who is the author of the new self-published book, Revealed! The Secrets to Protecting Yourself from Cyber-Criminals.

The books sells for $14.95 on Amazon.
“It’s softcover, 100 pages, six-by-nine, designed to be digestible. We don’t want it to be so imposing people won’t pick it up,” said Alper, who said it is his second self-published book. His first was Revealed! The Secrets to Hiring the Right Computer Consultant, a business owner’s guide to finding a professional, competent, honest, considerate, on-time, fairly priced and dependable computer consultant, which he released on Amazon in 2015. Alper anticipates continuing this Revealed! series in the future.

His new book, like the first, is “plain English, no-nonsense that talks to people, not at them, and not a lot of technobabble in it.”

He wants it to be something people protect themselves with by heeding the advice.

“The number one threat to any network is a user. You open email you thought was from a friend. If we can educate the user, we can stop 99.9% of damage caused by these hackers.”

Alper said his inspiration for the book grew out of his business experience. His company, Absolute Logic, is celebrating 25 years in business this year.

He is 53 and a Wilton resident 15 years. He and wife Janice have been married 25 years. The couple has three children: Kaitlin, 23, who is getting her doctorate at UNC, AJ, 22, who graduated from UConn in December and will be attending vet school next year, and Alexandra, 19, a junior at UConn.

He holds a degree in mathematics from Adelphi University and a degree in marketing and finance from Baruch University. He has worked as a teacher in math and computers.

“Absolute started in 1991, it was the third business I started,” he said, explaining he had originally started as a technology and business consultant. Then he ventured into personal computer clone manufacturing.

His new company provides technical support and technology consulting to Connecticut and New York businesses.

“We have received so many inquiries from businesses that have fallen victim to phishing, malware, ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks and are looking for remedies and protection,” he said. “This is increasingly a part of what we provide to companies, but it seems there is such a need for information that we want to put the information out on a wider scale.”

He added, “We always prefer to prevent problems from happening for a business owner and his/her customers as opposed to having to fix them when they occur.”

Alper is a recognized expert in IT and information security, and considers the protection of business information to be the primary responsibility of any IT company or department. He has written a number of articles on the subject of IT for area media, and he has spoken on the topic in front of a number of business and professional associations.

Writing books was not what he originally set out to do, but he found his way to it through his desire to teach.

“Over years, as our business has matured, I have always found myself working with clients on education, of what technology can do for them and what the potential hazards are,” Alper said.

“I can broadcast that message by writing a book,” he said.

His word of advice: do not open an email, from, for example, FedEx, if you are not expecting one. “Don’t open it, don’t click on the link and infect your network,” he said.

“The uptick in ransomware has been in all the headlines lately, but the fact is there are so many opportunities for cyber-criminals to access your network and steal vital personal or business information,” said Alper. “This latest book will raise the awareness of business owners who are vulnerable to these types of attacks, and offers common-sense strategies to stay protected, as well as tips on what to do if your business’s infrastructure comes under attack.”

Information: absolutelogic.com.