ASML parking garage needed for new employees

Hayden Turek photos
Manufacturer ASML is planning to build a three-story parking garage with “approximately 392” parking spaces at the site of its Wilton plant.

Bill Amalfitano, head of ASML’s factory in Wilton, told The Bulletin the added infrastructure will be necessary to facilitate 150 to 250 new hires by 2020, as part of a broader, corporate initiative.

“Our plans are to grow to a €10-billion ($11.2 billion) company by 2020,” Amalfitano said.

ASML of Wilton’s application for Inland Wetlands approval is in the Department of Environmental Affairs office at the Town Hall Annex. A public hearing for the application is slated for the April 14 meeting of the Inland Wetlands Commission.

According to the project file, the parking structure would be built “in the area of the existing paved parking lot, and a portion of the wooded slope at the northwest corner of the site,” and “a portion of the existing surface parking lot will be reconfigured to provide 56 parking spaces and landscape enhancements.”

The design hasn’t been finalized yet — it’s just a wetlands application at this point — but one ASML spokesperson told The Bulletin there would be a net gain of “roughly 250 to 300” parking spaces.

Wilton Assessor David Lisowski told The Bulletin he’s taken “a look at a couple other garages we’ve got in town, and I’ve got about two and a half million dollars on each of them, as far as evaluation.”

At 70% assessment, this would mean “just shy of $50,000” in taxable revenue for the Town of Wilton each year, Lisowski said.

Wilton might also safely expect to reap additional revenue from ASML’s Wilton plant down the road, because according to Amalfitano, the footprint of the factory will grow by 2020 as well.

“In this time frame, between now and 2020, we do have an expansion of the facility [planned],” Amalfitano said. “We’re still evaluating how much we have to add.”


ASML manufactures computer chip-making equipment.

Other excerpts from ASML’s project narrative include the following.

  • “New concrete sidewalks and painted crosswalks are proposed to provide pedestrian connection between the main building, the new parking garage, and the reconfigured surface lot.”

  • “A comprehensive landscaping plan has also been developed for the project, which provides for a mix of trees, shrubs, and grasses.”

  • “The proposed lighting design will include relocation and re-use of the existing fixtures to maintain light levels consistent with the existing lighting conditions.”

  • “Existing circulation patterns will be maintained with access to the new garage and surface parking area provided via the existing site driveways on Danbury Road.”

  • “The project is located entirely downgradient of [the nearest] wetland and will not significantly change grades within the regulated area. As such, the project is not expected to have a significant impact to this existing wetland.”

  • “The proposed project provides a design which takes into account the town of Wilton’s goal for the Design Enterprise-10, to provide a favorable and stable environment for the growth of industry, while minimizing disturbance to residential areas.”

  • “The project makes provision for aesthetics, safety, efficiency, and the environment.”

Amalfitano told The Bulletin “we have a number of capital projects planned for the next four, five years.”

“Right now, we’re expanding our cafeteria,” he said. “We’re going to double the size of our cafeteria; it’s just too small to support the people that are here on-site. We’re going through that this year.”

“There’s other capital projects we have planned as well,” Amalfitano added. “We have what’s called the Great Place to Work Program, where you upgrade internal parts of the facility to make it a more inspiring place to come to work.”