Seatbelt Psychic predicts a surprising night

Thomas John
Thomas John

Renowned medium Thomas John is an adviser to influencers and celebrities and stars on Lifetime’s Seatbelt Psychic, surprising unsuspecting ride-sharing passengers with psychic readings. He will host a night of surprises and psychic predictions at the Ridgefield Playhouse on Jan. 13. Andrea Valluzzo spoke with him about his gift and the show.

Andrea Valluzzo: When did you first know you had a gift?

Thomas John: When I was four years old, I remember speaking to my deceased paternal grandfather. I clearly saw him and communicated with him; however, I did not fully understand the gift that I had. I thought everyone was like this. Over time, I slowly realized that I was different, and not everyone could readily communicate with the other side. It wasn’t until many years later, basically during college, that I realized the details of the gift and how I was a psychic medium. That term was never used around me.

AV: Have you always viewed your abilities as a gift?

TJ: For the most part. There is always the underbelly of some parts of my abilities that are not as easy to deal with. For example, seeing the ulterior motives of people, being extra sensitive all the time, and feeling like someone has energetically zapped me in places like concerts and malls. But honestly, I really see my gift as a blessing — and I don’t cook, clean, do laundry, and have no artistic or creative abilities, so I am pretty glad I can do this!

AV: What is the most surprising reading you have done?

TJ: I think it’s always fascinating when children come through. They have really deep wisdom on the other side and often offer guidance for their parents and loved ones.

AV: What can audiences expect at this show?

TJ: My shows are fast, fun, and interactive. I’ve been to shows with TV mediums and they read four people out of 300, and it’s boring. I like to have fun at my shows, and I’m not big on talking about myself. I come out, I do a little introduction, and then we start with readings. I start talking about who is coming through, and that’s how that works. The messages are specific so it could only be for one person. I deliver evidence of the connection. This is more than me just saying: your grandmother is here, and she had white hair, and she loves you.

AV: How do you deal with skeptics?

TJ: Skeptics are welcome and encouraged. It’s hard to really judge an experience like this unless you have your own personal experience. But I think it is great to be skeptical — I do this work and I am skeptical. In fact, I am probably the biggest skeptic there is. I come from a background in science and I went to the University of Chicago! It’s good to be a skeptic — just don’t be a cynic. Skeptics are open-minded people that are not sure what to believe, until they experience something themselves. A cynic is just a negative naysayer.

AV: What’s next for you in 2019?

TJ: I am working on my next two books, and some other really exciting projects I, unfortunately, can’t really discuss just yet — you’ll have to use your own psychic powers to figure that part out.