Binge and Repeat: Netflix’s procedural drama ‘Criminal United Kingdom’ returns

“Criminal United Kingdom” returns with another thrilling and suspenseful season as the investigative team works to crack four new cases.

The entirety of “Criminal United Kingdom” unfolds between a member of the investigative team and their interviewee within the interrogation room at the police station. While watching a drama that is essentially two people having a conversation might seem dull, the exceptional performances provided by the ensemble cast keep each episode moving along at a rapid pace.

The entire series is wrought with tension and thrilling expectation as the investigators try to get to the truth of the matter. “Criminals United Kingdom” focuses on the part of the investigation between gathering the evidence and bringing the case to court.

In the first episode of the new seasons, Vanessa is interviewing the wife of a murderer to see if she can provide any insight into a missing person’s case when she spills a few details about the murder that she couldn’t possibly know. From there the episode moves forward at a rapid pace as the rest of the team is called in to determine whether or not the wife’s comments are enough evidence to arrest her.

In another episode “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harrington is being questioned in a he said/she said rape investigation. The third episode revolves around a vigilante group that works to root out pedophiles before publicly outing them that resulted in an attack on an innocent person. The final episode of the brief but gripping series stars “The Big Bang Theory’s” Kunal Nayyar as an inmate being questioned about his potential involvement in a cold case that quickly cranks up the intensity when he taunts the investigators with information about one of the country’s biggest unsolved cases.

“Criminal United Kingdom” is a brief but compelling series, but audiences needn’t despair. Once they finish the two short seasons, they can also watch Netflix’s “Criminals Spain,” “Criminals Germany” and “Criminals France,” which follow the same formula.

“Criminal United Kingdom” has two seasons available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-MA. Audiences might also enjoy watching “White Lines,” a Netflix series about a woman trying to uncover what happened to her brother when he went missing more than a decade before.

Criminals United Kingdom

Seasons: Two

Episodes: Eight

Episode length: 45 minutes

TV rating: TV-MA

Language: English

Similar series: White Lines