Binge and Repeat: Netflix returns with second eerie season of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’

Over the summer, Netflix offered viewers the opportunity to dive into compelling and strange true crime events with its series “Unsolved Mysteries.” Now that it’s late October, the streaming platform released a second season of the series that features puzzling events.

The second season offers up six perplexing and eerie cases that have left law enforcement and communities scratching their heads.

The first episode follows the case of a Washington insider whose body was found in a Delaware landfill three days after he had gone missing. His story becomes all the more intriguing as viewers learn the deceased suffered from a mental illness and snippets of his final days are shown through building camera footage as he grows more and more agitated.

Another episode revolves around the strange circumstances of an unknown woman’s death in a luxury Norwegian hotel. The woman was able to check in without providing identifying documents, which seems odd, but the crime scene details made the suicide theory seem off and resulted in more questions than answers.

One episode focuses on how a convicted murderer serving a life sentence was able to escape prison and remain on the lam for decades while another investigates the disappearance of toddlers from the same park. In another episode, a family asks for help uncovering what happened to their matriarch after police rule her death as a suicide when there are clues that someone might have been trying to harm her.

“Unsolved Mysteries” also leans into the eerie occurrences that followed a tragedy along the coast of Japan. After thousands are killed in a 2011 tsunami, residents share their stories with spirits they claim to have encountered.

Whether the forces at work are supernatural or purely human, the second season of “Unsolved Mysteries” is sure to leave viewers puzzled and uneasy and searching for a little more true crime.

“Unsolved Mysteries” has two seasons available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-MA. Viewers might also be interested in the true crime documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight,” which revolves around a particularly bonkers kidnapping. The documentary is available on Netflix.

Unsolved Mysteries

Seasons: Two

Episodes: 12

Episode length: 35-45 minutes

TV rating: TV-MA

Languages: English, Japanese, French

Similar film: Abducted in Plain Sight