Binge and Repeat: Katherine Ryan writes and stars in hilarious Netflix comedy ‘The Duchess’

Comedian Katherine Ryan decided just acting in her new Netflix series “The Duchess” wasn’t enough for her. Instead she wrote, executive produced and starred in the comedy about a single mother living in London.

Ryan stars as Katherine (yes, she and her character share a name) a loving mother who makes some questionable personal decisions but makes it no secret that she’s willing to destroy anyone that hurts her daughter. Katherine and Olive are completely inseparable and share an alarmingly close bond that makes viewers wonder if the original umbilical cord was forged from steel. This mother daughter team might even rival the smothering love and closeness of the classic “Gilmore Girls” Lorelai and Rory as they not only talk about everything but, this pair even shares a bedroom.

When viewers first meet Katherine, she’s walking her daughter Olive to school and proceeds to get into a quickly escalating argument with another student’s parent because the other child has been bullying Olive. Katherine proceeds to come up with an effective if problematic resolution to the bullying issue

When Katherine decides that she wants to have another baby so Olive can have a sibling, an idea the mother-daughter duo are both highly in favor of, Katherine decides to have Olive accompany her to the fertility clinic.

While pondering the best course of action to have this new baby, Katherine finds herself at odds with her former popstar ex, Shep, (who also happens to be Olive’s father) and her current boyfriend, Evan. Shep isn’t the easiest person to get along with and outside of their shared love for Olive, Katherine and Shep having nothing in common and are constantly at each other’s throats. After Katherine’s disastrous relationship with Shep, she tries to keep men at a distance, which infuriates her current boyfriend as he wants to get closer to her and her daughter.

Throughout “The Duchess,” viewers watch as Katherine stumbles in her efforts for personal growth and fights for her daughter in the fiercest and funniest manner.

As Katherine contemplates having this new child, she wonders if she should have Shep act as her sperm donor despite being the person she loathes most in the world because he helped her create Olive, her greatest love.

The Duchess

Seasons: One

Episodes: Six

Episode length: 30 minutes

TV rating: TV-MA

Language: English

Similar series: "Katherine Ryan: In Trouble" and "Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room"

Parents are sure to get a laugh out of this series that examines not only how much parents are willing to sacrifice for their children but also how hard it can be to watch children reach different life milestones.

“The Duchess” has one season available on Netflix and is rated TV-MA. Viewers who enjoyed Ryan’s series might also enjoy her stand-up sessions including “Katherine Ryan: In Trouble” and “Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room,” which are both available on Netflix.