Binge and Repeat: Get swept up in New York City’s holiday charm with ‘Dash & Lily’

While the holidays are only just beginning to head our way Netflix has been cranking out festive content since mid-October. In the same candy cane sweet vein of last year’s teen holiday hit “Let it Snow,” Netflix has gifted viewers with a charming holiday love story that takes place around New York City.

“Dash & Lily” is a delightful tale of a young Christmas enthusiast whose mysterious scavenger hunt journal piques the interest of a teenage Grinch that leads the two to pass the notebook back and forth challenging the other to silly dares. Lily is heartbroken when she discovers that her family is changing up the holiday dynamic when her parents travel to Fiji and her grandfather leaves for Florida. Left with her older brother, who is busy pursuing his own love life, Lily feels down and alone and decides to find a little holiday romance by leaving her scavenger hunt notebook at The Strand (one of the most famous bookstores in New York City). Dash is a cynical teen who is also celebrating the holidays alone as he avoids his divorced parents and tries to survive the jolliest time of the year. When he stumbles across Lily’s notebook, he’s instantly drawn to her challenge of “do you dare?” and goes about accomplishing the scavenger hunt to reveal the secret message Lily left in the notebook.

As the teens pass the notebook back and forth without ever meeting each other they gradually get to know one another as they push the other to try things outside their comfort zone. Lily’s dares teach Dash to be more open and help him focus on his inner thoughts. Dash pushes Lily to leave her bubble and allow herself to feel the anger she keeps swallowing.

As the two pass dares and truths back and forth through their journal and traverse the holiday wonders of New York City both teens worry that they won’t live up to the other’s expectations and worry that their relationship won’t survive outside of the notebook.

Accompany this series with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and enjoy the delightful magic of the holiday season. It should be noted that while “Dash & Lily” is a Christmas series it does include a rather amusing scene at an underground Jewish punk concert as well as a New Years Eve performance by the Jonas Brothers.

“Dash & Lily” has one season available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-14. Viewers might also enjoy Netflix’s teen holiday series “Let It Snow” which tells the silly holiday stories that befall a group of teens in a small town.

Dash & Lily

Seasons: One

Episodes: 8

Episode length: 25 minutes

TV rating: TV-14

Language: English

Similar series: Let it Snow