Binge and Repeat: Amazon’s ‘The Wilds’ is a gripping survival drama

Stories of survival tend to captivate the mind, especially given that survival isn’t just about finding food and shelter, it’s living with your own mind.

Amazon’s new series “The Wilds” follows a group of teen girls who survive a plane crash and wait for rescue on a small island. The drama begins as one of the girls, Leah, tells investigators about the crash and how the girls made it to the island. When asked if the experience was traumatic for her, the teen swiftly responds that being a teenage girl is traumatic. While this might sound a tad over the top, this segues into the show’s drama as each episode revolves around one of the eight girls and about their lives before the island and their time trying to survive it.

What the girls don’t know, but that the audience does from a very early stage, is that the plane crash wasn’t an accident and that the girls are actually part of a social experiment to see if women can deal with changes in leadership and take power with less violence than men. The series has a distinct “Lord of the Flies” tone to it, but the girls don’t really care about who is in charge, they just want to get back to their lives...even if their lives back home weren’t actually that great.

Each of the girls has some sort of personal struggle that landed them on that plane varying from terrible to triggering, viewers should note that the series touches on sexual abuse, eating disorders and suicide.

This propulsive teen drama will also appeal to more mature demographics as this survival experiment unfolds in a gripping and captivating fashion. Even though the series itself isn’t science fiction, viewers will note that it drips with an “Orphan Black” toned suspense as Leah grows more and more paranoid about the island and the girls she relies on for survival.

The cast of “The Wilds” is absolutely phenomenal with each actress sliding into their character’s trauma with ease. Sarah Pidgeon plays Leah’s paranoia and unraveled emotions beautifully, the rasp and crackle to her screams and unhinged diatribes relays how terrifying the island situation is for the characters. Pidgeon is not the only actress to effortlessly bring her character to life; Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Reign Edwards, Mia Healey, Helena Howard and Erana James round out the cast of teens fighting for survival.

The Wilds

Seasons: One

Episodes: 10

Episode length: 1 hour

TV rating: 16+

Language: English

Similar series: Stranger Things

After the dynamic cliffhanger at the end of season one and the captivating performances offered by the cast, we can only hope that Amazon will deliver a second season of “The Wilds” soon.

“The Wilds” has one season available on Amazon and is rated for ages 16 and up. Audiences looking to lean into a suspenseful drama might enjoy “Stranger Things,” which has three seasons available on Netflix.