Dozens of Wilton’s veterans marched down Old Ridgefield Road from Wilton Library to the Veterans Memorial Green in Wilton Center on Monday, Nov. 11, to celebrate Veterans Day.

American Legion Adjutant Tom Moore, the keynote speaker and an Army veteran, led the vets on their march, calling out commands of “left, right, left, right,” as the group proceeded down the road in military formation. Veterans of many stripes marched together, including First Selectman Bill Brennan, a former captain in the Air Force, Doug Jones, an engineer in the Army during World War II, and Jeff Turner, a former naval officer.

A crowd of service members and residents gathered at the memorial for a communitywide remembrance of the town’s many veterans after the parade.

Among the speakers was Mr. Brennan, who gave a traditional invocation explaining the history of Veterans Day, once known as Armistice Day in honor of the end of World War I.

Mr. Moore, a Fairfield resident who is the Wilton American Legion Post 86’s adjutant, is a veteran of the U.S. Army and served as a Russian-language interrogation specialist on the border of East and West Germany during the Cold War.

His speech helped explain to the audience the true meaning of Veterans Day.

“Today we especially show our appreciation for all those who served in our nation’s military, particularly the living. Whether or not a veteran did serve on the field of battle, each one of us was ready to do so, and to do our part to uphold and defend all we hold dear to us: our country, our families and our way of life,” he read.

All of Monday’s speakers encouraged those in attendance to take the time to thank a veteran for his or her service whenever possible. “They may not want to tell you what they did, or tell you their story, but having someone thank them for their service is one of the best things they can hear,” one speaker said.