Report breaks down Wilton public school class sizes

The average number of students in Wilton’s public school classrooms are well within the school district’s established planning ranges and averages, according to the Wilton Public School District’s 2018-19 report on class sizes and staffing levels.

The ranges and averages established by the board are:

  • Kindergarten and Grade 1: 18-25 range, 23 average.

  • Grades 2-5: 20-30 range, 25 average.

  • Grades 6-12: 10-40 range, 25 average.


This year at Miller-Driscoll, there are 729 kindergarten through second graders and 58 students enrolled in the preschool program, according to the report.

The average kindergarten class size this year is 18.54, while the average first and second grade class sizes are 21 and 21.42, respectively.

Sixty-two K-2 students have individualized education plans (IEPs) and nine have 504 Accommodation Plans. IEPs provide individualized special education and related services to students while 504 Accommodation Plans are formal plans designed to give needed supports to students with disabilities, prevent discrimination, and protect those students’ rights in schools. There are 32 preschool students with IEPs and one student with a 504 plan.

This year, there are 13 certified kindergarten teachers, 11 certified first grade teachers, and 12 certified second grade teachers, as well as five special education teachers for the preschool program and five special education teachers for kindergarten through second grade.

Cider Mill

At Cider Mill this year, there are 858 third through fifth graders, 119 of whom have IEPs and 38 of whom have 504 plans. The average third grade class size is 20.38, while the average class sizes for fourth and fifth grade are 22 and 21.92, respectively.

There are 13 certified third grade teachers, 14 certified fourth grade teachers, and 13 certified fifth grade teachers, as well as nine special education teachers.


Middlebrook has 1,005 students enrolled this year, of whom 137 have IEPs and 56 have 504 plans. There are 10 special education teachers at Middlebrook this year, according to the class size report, which breaks down Middlebrook’s class sizes by department.

Physical education has the largest average class size, at 23.8. According to the report, 99.6% of students take physical education, which is taught by four instructors, one of whom works part-time.

The average class sizes of Middlebrook’s other departments are:

  • Science: 22.2.

  • Social Studies: 22.2.

  • Language Arts: 21.6.

  • Mathematics: 21.6.

  • Reading Workshop: 21.6.

  • Writing Workshop: 21.6.

  • Family and Consumer Sciences: 20.5.

  • Health: 20.4.

  • ISTEM: 20.4.

  • World Languages: 19.2.

  • Library/Media Center: 18.8.

  • Art: 17.1.

  • Music: 9.

  • Special Education: 7.8

  • Reading/Writing Lab: 7.

Wilton High School

Wilton High School has 1,275 students enrolled this year. Of those students, 180 have IEPs and 123 have 504 plans. There are 12 special education teachers at the high school.

Of the departments with reported average class sizes, physical education took the top spot with 27.33. There are five physical education teachers — two of whom are full-time employees.

The average class sizes of the high school’s other departments are:

  • Health: 23.92.

  • Theatre Arts/Public Speaking: 21.4.

  • Mathematics: 21.23.

  • Social Studies: 20.91.

  • Science: 19.43.

  • World Language: 19.25.

  • English: 19.19.

  • Business: 17.

  • Project Lead the Way: 16.25.

  • Family and Consumer Sciences: 16.99.

  • Technology Education: 15.75.

  • Art: 15.15.

  • Academic Intervention: 4.2.

  • Virtual High School: 4.

  • Library Media Center (Student-Run Help Desk): 3.5.

Average class sizes for music, special education, and career practicum were not included in the report.

According to the 2018-19 class size and staffing report, there are 530 students with IEPs and 228 with 504 plans in the Wilton Public School District, as well as 35 outplaced students.

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