Election Day update: turn-out is light, results in

With only uncontested races and no questions on the ballot, turnout for Tuesday’s municipal election was expected to be light. And it was, at 11.5%. A total of 1,320 voters cast ballots, out of a pool of 11,463 eligible voters.

There were 43 absentee ballots cast, according to Democratic Registrar of Voters Carole Young-Kleinfeld, which she characterized as a low number. Voting was evenly spread among Wilton’s three districts.

The cost for running the election is expected to be between $11,000 and $12,000. Costs include printing of ballots and paying poll workers. From this Election Day forward, costs will also include staffing a location to accommodate Election Day registration.

In Wilton, Tuesday saw six voters register as a new state law allowing Election Day registration went into effect. These voters had to register at town hall before going to a polling place to cast their ballot. The law stipulates that Election Day registration may not occur at a polling place. Election Day registration pertains only to elections and not primaries or referenda.

Ms. Young-Kleinfeld said everything ran smoothly Tuesday, although poll workers and election moderators reported there are people who are still unsure of their polling place, following redistricting in 2011.

“It should be the same place where they voted in the last presidential election,” she said, which was just last year. “This is something to consider, how we’re going to make it easier for people to find out where they vote.”


The turnout was the lowest in recent municipal elections, Ms. Young-Kleinfeld said. Past turnouts totaled:

37% in 2005

21% in 2007

38% in 2009

25% in 2011

In 2005 there was a contested race for first selectman and in 2009 a contested race for Board of Finance. Also in 2009, there were questions on the ballot regarding charter revision and allowing liquor sales. In 2011, voters were asked to approve or deny beer sales in grocery stores.

Votes were cast Tuesday as follows:

Board of Selectmen

Jim Saxe (R) — 938

Richard Dubow (D) — 816

Board of Finance

Warren L. Serenbetz (R) — 916

Jeffrey Rutishauser (R) — 919

Richard Creeth (D) — 816

Board of Education

Bruce Likly (R) — 796

Glenn Hemmerlee (R) — 723

Chris Stroup (I) — 676

Board of Assessment Appeals

Frank Oliveri (R) — 960

Planning & Zoning Commission

Four-year terms:

Peter Shiue (R) — 884

Joe Fiteni (R) — 887

Sally Poundstone (R) — 920

Franklin Wong (D) — 787

Doris Knapp (D) — 808

Two-year terms:

Marilyn Gould (R) — 880

Bas Nabulsi (D) — 794

Zoning Board of Appeals

Four-year terms:

Tim Meyer (R) — 914

Brian Lilly (D) — 782

Two-year term:

Al Nickel (R) — 957


L. Michael Rudolph (R) — 894

Andrew McNee (D) — 772


Richard Ziegler (R) — 741

Christopher Gardner (R) — 753

Christopher Dubrowski (R) — 767

Deborah McFadden (D) — 604

Bo Mitchell (D) — 508