Chocolate Crunch Cookies, a Valentine's treat

As heard on HANRadio. If you want to impress someone for Valentine’s Day, here's the perfect treat — Chocolate Crunch Cookies. Crispy nuggets of chocolate deliciousness.

Sometimes the sum is equal to more than its parts. Such is the case with this cookie recipe. It’s so simple. All you need is three kinds of chocolate and cornflakes, no baking required. Bring these to a party and they will be the first to disappear. And be ready to give out the recipe, because everyone will ask for it. People will also think there are much more things in these cookies than cornflakes.

This recipe is so simple you can make it with kids. They love spooning the chocolate covered cornflakes on the baking sheets, and they’re thrilled to see what they look like when they’re cool.

But, lest you think this recipe is TOO simple to be good, think again. Both Jacques Pepin and Jacques Torres (my two favorite Jacques) make their own variations of Chocolate Crunch Cookies. They use fancier chocolate — bittersweet, which has the same effect as the chocolate in my recipe. In his recipe, Jacques "Mr. Chocolate" Torres, tempers his chocolate, a step I don't find necessary. He also sells them online. But you can make your own!

Jacques Pepin makes a version of these as well, He calls them Chocolate Rochers with Hazelnuts and Cornflakes. Much fancier name than Chocolate Crunch Cookies. But whatever you call them, just make them, then put them in a tin, tie it with a red bow, and you have a great Valentine's Day present.

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Chocolate Crunch Cookies

14 ounces milk chocolate (such as two large Hershey bars)

4 ounces unsweetened chocolate

12 ounces semisweet chocolate or chocolate chips

9 cups cornflakes

1. Line two large baking sheets with parchment paper.

2. Chop or break the chocolates into rough pieces and put into a large metal pot (don't use non-stick pot, the chocolate could seize).

3. Melt the chocolates over very low heat stirring gently with a wooden spoon or heatproof rubber spatula just until the chocolate is totally melted and glossy. Don't overheat or burn the chocolate. If you put your hand on the bottom of the pot and it’s hot, that’s too hot. You want slow, gentle heat. If it is getting too warm at times take it off the heat and stir gently, then return it back to the heat.

4. When the chocolates are melted, remove from heat and add the cornflakes, gently stirring and folding them into the chocolate until they are all coated. This will take a couple minutes. You might start thinking they will never get fully coated, but they will, just be patient and be careful not to crush the cornflakes.

5. Using two spoons, scoop up some cornflake mixture with one spoon, and push it onto the parchment with the other spoon. Cool at room temperature to set for two to three hours. Do not refrigerate. Yield about 6 dozen cookies depending on size. Store at room temperature in plastic bag or covered container until ready to serve.