Chess club needs a new move

Chess is a game for the thinker. Using strategy and evaluation, players try to protect their king from checkmate.

It is also one of the world’s most popular games, with tournaments and championships around the world. Just as easily, games may be found in parks, with two players in quiet study of their board.

Ed Steiner was planning for a chess club to begin at the Wilton Senior Center. He had everything in place, but he lacked one thing: players.

“We started the club at the senior center a few months ago, one chess player showed up, Peter Kryworuczko,” Mr. Steiner said. “Peter played chess in high school and belonged to a chess club in college.”

Mr. Steiner said a club at the Fairfield Senior Center had 11 participants, and he is disappointed in the Wilton turnout but still hopeful something will happen.

Chess has reached various levels of fame throughout history, most notably with Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky, Anatoly Karpov, and Garry Kasparov among the more famous names. A 1993 movie, Searching for Bobby Fischer, gave the game a further boost.

The game has origins that date back to India in the Sixth Century, with the rules of the modern game being recognized by 1500.

Those same rules have been used ever since, and may be played now in Wilton.

All that is needed are some players. Ed Steiner would be happy to see it.

“If the Wilton Chess Club gets going, we may have a future story here,” he said.

Anyone interested in joining may email Mr. Steiner at