Why vote Republican?

Your vote has never been more important. The choices you have could not be clearer.

The past four years have not given us the hope and change we were promised. The past four years have left us with severe economic distress, brutal unemployment, excessive and irresponsible cronyism (remember Solyndra and Jackson Labs?), credit rating downgrades, and a dramatically diminished status as a state and as a country.

Connecticut now consistently ranks atop the "worst of" lists in America. Internationally, terrorist nations now openly defy the U.S. Unfriendly regimes mock the U.S. and our closest ally in the Middle East no longer trusts the U.S.

When the extreme philosophies of a ruling party override the desires of the citizens in the middle all Americans suffer. We need to learn from history. ... Absent the checks and balances of varying philosophies and beliefs, ego, inside deals and blind ideology exact a heavy toll on everyone regardless of political affiliation.

We must learn from the past and look to the future. The following individuals understand the importance of fiscal responsibility as well as they understand the importance of fairness and transparency. They have the unique skills needed to forge constructive bonds and solutions to our state's and country's problems.

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Linda McMahon, Steve Obsitnik, Toni Boucher, Gail Lavielle, and Tom O'Dea are by far the superior candidates in each of their races. Their résumés and their experience are what our state and our country need right now. The current "Super Majority" initiatives of the last four years have not solved our massive economic problems. These candidates have the skills our state and country need and the value they will bring to Hartford and Washington is without equal.

Boucher, Lavielle, O'Dea, Obsitnik, McMahon, Ryan, and Romney will challenge the status quo of inside ideas that have, for too long, been driving actions in Hartford and Washington.

These individuals believe in the competitive forces of free enterprise and the guiding principles that free markets bring up quality, drive down prices and foster innovation.

The hope and change we were promised four years ago hasn't materialized. Without a significant course correction it won't.

Boucher, Lavielle, O'Dea, Obsitnik, McMahon, Ryan, and Romney will challenge the status quo. They will implement the necessary course corrections and we will get Connecticut and America back to work.

Otherwise, it's more of the same: A plan that reads "stay the course, hope for change and blame your predecessors."

Americans are proud, Americans are strong and Americans are idealistic but Americans are not easily fooled. The current course isn't working and it needs to be changed.

Toni Boucher, Gail Lavielle, Tom O'Dea, Steve Obsitnik, Linda McMahon, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney are people with the ideas and experience Hartford and Washington desperately need.

On Election Day, please vote Row A to return Connecticut and the United States of America to the values and principles that make this country the greatest nation on earth.