Why vote Democratic?

For the first time in 26 years voters in Wilton will have a choice for each office being contested. No longer will it be, as a Republican friend said to me, "like Russia. Everyone who runs gets elected." You can elect a Democrat to send to Hartford.

This year you can send someone to get something done for Wilton and for yourself. You can send someone who will work with the majority and have a seat at the table. You can send someone who can introduce a bill that will actually get passed. The Democrat may not always vote with the majority as he or she protects your interests, but he or she will have the ear of leaders of the state House and the state Senate. The Democrats will be effective.

Our candidates for state office are never too far to the right nor are they too far to the left. Carolanne Curry, who is running for state Senate, brings maturity, experience, common sense, and bold action to the position. Ted Hoffstatter running for state representative brings the dedication of a lifetime in Wilton. He is someone who will hear every voice. Mark Robbins is a newcomer to seeking office. He has a background as an entrepreneur who has deep experience in building and energy. If elected as a state representative, he will show us how to save energy and, at the same time, many dollars.

Very different from the opposition, very focused on our needs, our three state candidates could do a great deal for Wilton.

On the national scene, now that the debates are over, we should return to look at the candidates and the basics.

U.S. Congressman Jim Himes has steered a middle course with courage, intelligence and resolve in his four years in office. His colleagues have recognized his abilities. We will see him move up in responsibility in this next Congress. He will continue to speak out clearly and forcefully for Fairfield County and on reforming the tax code and managing the federal budget.

U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy has dedicated his life to the service of others. His election will keep the Senate Democratic, an essential as we go forward. His three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives have shown him to be a champion for better affordable health care, chair of the Buy American caucus, and an advocate of equal rights and protection.

President Barack Obama along with Vice President Joe Biden will not give up the Affordable Health Care Act, allow Medicare to be dismantled, weaken Social Security, rush into another war, or neglect women's health issues. He will continue to lead the nation forward and out of the problems left by the previous administration. It will be his responsibility to nominate the next Supreme Court justice, whose position will be critical on the court.

This national election is probably the most important of our lifetime. If we don't elect Democrats, our way of life could be radically changed. It all comes down to who do you trust.