Warrior Words: Time to try something new

Some people may wonder why we need a week off for “Christmas break.” The logical answers include the fact that students need a break and that Christmas is a time to be had with our families singing carols by the fire. I, however, prefer the rationality that we students need at least a week to play with our new toys, wear our new clothes, and enjoy our presents that we’ve been fortunate enough to receive.

In my mind, Christmas break really does signal the midpoint of the school year. Although not quite at the end of the first semester, by New Year’s all the stressful nights of staying up past our bedtimes to finish college applications, essays, and supplements are gone, and our only remaining job is to be the first one to check the mail every day, hoping for a large, thick envelope. Maybe that’s the real reason why we have a week-long Christmas break: so all the students in college limbo can relax and enjoy themselves.

I am one of the lucky ones who have already received that package in the mail. To some, this means the beginning of a very contagious disease known as “senior slump.” I, however, have some different plans that will make for an interesting 2013 New Year’s resolutions list. I decided to pick up some new activities and hobbies that I’ve never had time to do before, and with all this free time I figured why not. After all, my parents are always telling me to try new things!

When people think of me, the last thing that crosses their mind is “basketball superstar,” and there is a good reason for that. I received many genes from my dad that I proudly boast, including my love of baseball, my undying faith in the New York Mets, and hopefully (in the near future) an impeccable mustache. I also, unfortunately, adopted his basketball abilities, or lack thereof, and as a result I have never spent my Saturdays shooting hoops at the Y. Recently, however, I decided to join a rec basketball team, and have been practicing for weeks so we stand a chance at winning the high school rec basketball league. I’ve realized how much fun the sport is, and I’m glad I started practicing before I really embarrass myself in college. I even got my first pair of basketball shoes! ($35 at Dicks sporting goods, they were quite the bargain).

Watching How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM as my friends and I call it) is more than just watching TV, it’s a hobby I’ve picked up and thoroughly enjoyed. As one of my friends said, and I fully support, there is no real-life situation that is not analogous to one of the nearly 200 HIMYM episodes. I’m currently still in the process of catching myself up with the new ones (I’m stuck on season six of eight), but I highly recommend it to anyone out there looking for a new show to watch. HIMYM has provided me with countless conversation starters and I’m now the one who constantly references it. How I Met Your Mother has quickly become my favorite show of all time. True story.

I know I’ll enjoy the last few days of my (HIMYM-filled) holiday break because my last high school midterms are only a short week away. But, as the Class of 2013 heads into the second semester, be on the lookout for seniors working new jobs around town, helping the community in different ways, and lighting up the rec basketball floor.

is a senior at Wilton High School. He shares this column with four classmates.