Warrior Words: Time to leave…

As the last of the Class of 2015’s days at Wilton High School wind down, I think that everyone ought to reflect on their time as a student and citizen of this town. It seems like every teacher, coach, or adult has been telling me how special this time is in our lives, and how we should enjoy every second of it, so I hope that everyone in this unique class of ours has done so.
Coach and teacher Mr. Tegano was walking with me today, advising me about college and this baseball season and he said, “Can you believe the season is already half over? I have to tell you to enjoy all of the time you get with these guys, because it’ll be gone before you know it. Have fun with the early Saturday practices, the camaraderie that you build in the locker room, and everything else. Have fun with it all.” Those words stuck with me, and can be applied on and off the diamond.
Enjoy the early starts, the double labs, the pop quizzes, and everything in between, because how often in your life will you be able to spend hours upon hours every week with your best friends, and for most of us, the people we grew up with? Sure, we can all complain about how we hate school, how we have too much work, too much pressure, too many expectations, but these are just some of the things that make Wilton High School one of the best in the nation, and one that prepares its students for whatever they may face in their bright futures.
For me, I wish I could just write a giant “thank you” to all of the people that have shaped me into who I am in this town, like Coaches Eagen, Ketley and Heibeck, Vin Carlucci, Steve and Becky Hudspeth, Mrs. Bresloff — but the list would go on forever. The bottom line is that we all have many more people who care about us than we may think, and everyone should stop and appreciate those who have helped them get to where they are — so far. Embrace the cheesy and embarrassing moments with your families (after all, this is a pretty cheesy article), say “I love you” even when you think it may not be necessary, because with traumatic events like Sandy Hook, Ferguson or the Baltimore riots going on in the world, it seems like everyone should hold one another a little closer.
It was not long ago that — whether it was in Wilton or somewhere else — loved ones of ours sent us off, equipped with our name tags and crayons, onto buses for the first day of school, or teed a ball up for us in the yard at the perfect height, or whatever that childhood memory may be, even though these things suddenly seem to have happened yesterday. So, as parents plan our “PGP” graduation party, as we buy suits and dresses for our last prom, and as we get ready for our last summer as high schoolers, let us not forget where we came from, or who has raised us — and it’s not just our parents. Wilton has raised us.
Maybe this will not apply for a majority of us, as every day one can hear sluggish seniors bellowing about how they cannot wait to get out of this school, this town, or away from it all — but for those seniors whom it may be relevant to, I hope you’re feeling what I’m feeling. We can’t wait to get out of here, until it is actually time to leave. I think I may be able to wait a little bit longer.

Alex Jacobson is a senior at Wilton High School. He shares this column with four classmates.