Warrior Words: The somewhat invisible change slipping under our noses

As a living member of the Wilton community, it is my journalistic duty to inform readers on what’s going on from the standpoint of a high school senior. Many residents of this great town are graduates of Wilton High School and of course not everything is the same. Like the rest of the world, society is constantly changing everywhere we look. Education in a society is changing as well, and there is one thing that has had the most impact and difference in my life as well as my peers, and that’s technology.

There have, of course, been many changes within Wilton High School since many Wilton residents have studied there years before, but technology and the use of these “smart gadgets” are changing education and the lives of students everywhere. As a student around this every day, it gets very run of the mill, but if I take a step back and look at the big picture, it is astonishing how the use of technology has changed the way students learn.

I think that students sometimes forget to step back, as I have just done, and notice what’s around them. We learn in a school that provides every single student with great advantages through the use of technology. For many of my classes, the teacher rolls in a big safe that looks as if a nuclear weapon couldn’t open it. What’s inside these impenetrable safes, iPads and Chromebooks aplenty! The fact that the school can provide modern technology such as the ever-so-popular Apple products, including expensive Macintosh desktop computers, and Chromebook laptops, is amazing.

It is also great how the school utilizes education-friendly Internet resources like Google. So many of the collaborative projects that are done in and out of school are through the Google system. Emails, word processing, presentations, websites and other educational functions are done through Google. Almost all homework and projects are submitted online now, which of course saves the hassle of printing and stapling papers, which in the long term can save a lot of time and stress for students.

It is also interesting how Edline.net is in competition with Google Classroom in terms of what assignments are due for a class. For those of you who do not know, Google Classroom and Edline are ways for students to know what is due for a class after the teacher posts it. Google Classroom is still fairly new and teachers are still learning the ropes, but I have noticed it is increasingly being used for more and more classes. Earlier in my high school career, Google Classroom was unheard of, and if you want me to go further than that, when I was in elementary school, I used the good old-fashioned paper and pencil for writing down assignments. It is so interesting to me because technology is changing right before my eyes.

I was recently talking with a friend about this and he told me that he even has a class page on Google Classroom for his ceramics class. Assignments aren’t posted, but videos are. Educational videos about technique and the art of ceramics to help the students are available and that is a helpful learning method for many students.

That is why I love the utilization of technology at Wilton High School. It gives students an easy way of learning and working in collaboration with each other. Although we all can say it’s a pain in the butt to use sometimes, in the long term, it is extremely gratifying to be able to learn under such great technological use.

Christian Lovallo is a senior at Wilton High School. He shares this column with four classmates.