Warrior Words: The last four years

I have almost played my last-ever game of speedball. For those of you who aren’t aware, speedball is by far the greatest activity offered in gym class in the Wilton Public Schools. A unique blend of soccer, basketball, and rugby, speedball creates a competitive atmosphere rarely seen in the normal gym class. There is no shame in walking to the next period class dripping with sweat after a tough game of speedball. I think, when I look back on my days as a high schooler, it will be these little things that stick in my mind. There will, most likely, never be another place in my life where I will have the opportunity to play speedball. Just like using a locker, or riding a school bus, or waiting every day for 2:50 and the wonderful bell that releases students, some high school experiences can never be duplicated. Over the last four years, the little things have added up to make a huge difference in my life.

As more and more kids get accepted into different colleges, high school students start to look forward to the next chapter in their lives. Kids talk about their futures, what they plan to study, where they want to work, and how they want to live their lives. Unfortunately, most forget to look back. It isn’t until May or June that most seniors start to think about the incredible experiences high school brought. Now, officially in the year 2015, my New Year’s resolution is to enjoy my last semester of high school and appreciate the little things it has to offer. I will make an effort to thank that teacher from sophomore year or catch up with that kid I used to be friends with. Most of these people I may never see again, but for one more semester the least I can do is keep in touch.

I can honestly say I have repeatedly ignored the warning of everyone who has ever told me that my four years of high school would fly by. As a freshman, senior year seemed so far away, some distant land full of bigger, louder, more attractive, and definitely more stressed people that would never be reached. Looking back, I can tell every single freshman with complete confidence my four years of high school have passed much quicker than I ever would have expected. The last four years did not last as long as they should have.

High school changes teens more than any other time in their lives. Most students walk through the doors of Wilton High School as kids and walk out as young adults. In reality, these four years amount to a very small portion of a person’s life, but the experiences gained can change an adolescent completely. Even though my time as a high schooler is starting to run out, I still have one semester left. It’s my job to make the most of it.

Jackson Ward is a senior at Wilton High School. He shares this column with four classmates.