Warrior Words: The days are long, the years are short

I remember back when I was in Miller-Driscoll at field day in second grade. Field day, back then, was my favorite day all year. Think about it, what would an energetic, second grade boy rather do than run around all day, eat ice cream, and partake in various competitions? At the end of the day everyone received a Frisbee and a T-shirt with the total cliché of a slogan “the sky’s the limit” and the phrase “class of 2013” on them.

At the time, I had no idea what the “class of 2013” part meant, but now it could not be a bigger part of my life. In my first article I wrote for The Bulletin, I mentioned how time flies when you’re having fun, and that this year would be over before I knew it. Well, one blink later, it’s the middle of May and the class of 2013’s senior year is quickly diminishing. What better way to end the year than by mentioning, in my last article, what my favorite parts about being a Wilton student and citizen are.

First and foremost, I have absolutely loved being a part of the baseball program. As most of my friends know, I have been through the entire baseball “process” in Wilton: from T-ball to Little League to senior captain on the varsity team. Recently, I have even been able to check off a goal that has been number one on my list since I laid eyes on the varsity field back in Little League: hit a home run over that left field fence. Even the varsity field, what I consider my second home, is what I believe to be the nicest field in the FCIAC. Parks and Rec does an amazing job with the outfield grass, making sure I never have an excuse to commit an error, and the whole environment just puts me in the baseball mood. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than under the lights playing for the Wilton Warriors.

Another favorite of mine, and all my peers, is the food selection here in Wilton. As my parents can attest to, I’m always eating, so I’ve had a plethora of opportunities to try all the different options at a whole bunch of local places. Of course, the classic Wilton sandwich that every high schooler has at least tried is the Chicken Crust Club from Tom-E-Toes, and for good reason, it’s absolutely delicious. Many a time plans have been made while chowing down on Chicken Crust Clubs on a Friday afternoon. My real go-to meal, however, would be a bacon, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel with hot-sauce from the Wilton Deli. It’s more filling than just a regular bacon, egg, and cheese, yet not as overwhelming as a full-on lunch sandwich. Top it off with a half and half (not diet, of course) Snapple and you have my favorite meal in the world.

Finally, as much as I hate to admit it, my four years at Wilton High have been my best four yet, all culminating in my senior year, which has been amazing and will hopefully end with a bang. Though the time before high school isn’t really a good comparison, I really did enjoy my experience here. I met friends who I know I will be talking to for the rest of my life, I have stories from my experiences that I will cherish forever, and I even experienced my first real relationship. I’ve had days where it seemed like all my teachers plotted against me to keep me up until 2 a.m. doing homework, and I’ve had days where I haven’t even brought my backpack home. All in all, I can say that being a student in Wilton has prepared me well (or so I think) for that next step in my life.

Now I have no idea where my second grade field day shirt is, but my Frisbee still has a spot in my room, where it’s been for the last decade. And, now I definitely can concur with the old cliché that time does indeed fly by when one is having fun. In fact, I love the quote “the days are long, the years are short,” and it’s odd how it really applies. Sometimes those last few minutes of my math class on a Friday afternoon couldn’t go by any slower, while my senior year flew by.

Will Bruschi is a senior at Wilton High School. He shares this column with four classmates.