Warrior Words: The 'S' Trifecta

The ‘S’ Trifecta

A deep chasm has formed in the halls of Wilton High School between the lions and the dung beetles, the titans and the pipsqueaks, the elderly and the juvenile. While freshmen have completed their first bout of midterm exams and prepare to apprehensively take on the three remaining high school years that stretch  before them, seniors have nestled cozily into second semester. With college applications, grades that bear immense weight, and exams behind us, a peculiar ethos takes over. Though second semester has just barely begun, signs of the inevitable “senior slump” are discernible throughout WHS. In keeping with the “S” alliteration of “second semester senior,” I present the “S” trifecta of the winter chapter of senior slump: snow, show, and, of course, slump.

Snow: It appears Mother Nature has kept us seniors in the back of her mind when brewing these brutal and frequent storms. It’s as if she knows we’ve been shielding the snow-angel-making, gawking, giddy five-year-olds deep inside all of us with a façade of responsible, résumé-building quasi-adults for the past several years. In our most carefree hour, she gives us the opportunity to build that one last snowman and dance around in the winter wonderland before we have to take on the real world. For many of us who plan to venture to the south next year, this exceptionally snowy winter will serve as a kind farewell to the marshmallow world that is a snowy day (at least until Christmas break). For me, however, this is merely a practice run before I take on the brutal Chicago winters a year from now when I plan to cover every inch of my skin with at least 10 layers of ski clothing (Go ’Cats!). Either way, a snow day in senior year is nothing to complain about, and each time our beloved superintendent of the year calls up our houses, we all shed tears of joy.

Show: Because of the aforementioned excess of snow, putting Crazytown together was not an effortless task. However, in spite of days of rehearsal lost to storms, dysfunctional marshmallow guns, minor dress rehearsal microphone malfunctions, and speedy costume changes, somehow the senior class managed to put on an amazing performance. Everyone who either joined or witnessed the action in Crazytown concedes that it was an absolute blast. Triple-chocolate-cupcake-bribing sixth grade politicians, puppy-shooting dentists, and Shakespeare-censoring advertisers truly united the senior class and gave us something to look back on when, at long last, we depart from those hallowed halls.

Slump: My English teacher prefers the term “period of relaxation after midterms and before AP exams” to “slump,” but there’s no denying it; every senior experiences varying levels of slump before graduation. Of course, no one wants to fishtail so badly that a lower GPA becomes a topic of conversation with a college admissions counselor, but the ambiance of mental repose undoubtedly becomes prevalent in the third and fourth quarters. Perhaps the most stressful thing a second-semester senior must battle is the fork in the road partitioning homework and Netflix (and everyone knows the obvious path to take). Apart from the opportunity to explore every last fascinating, hilarious, or bizarre program Netflix has to offer, the extra time that we seniors devote to anything but schoolwork allows for discoveries in hobbies or fortes we never knew we had. I have yet to stumble upon my hidden talent that will ultimately make me famous, but as soon as I do, I’ll gladly let my readers know.

As the freshmen look ahead to the three years until they reach the point the seniors are at now, I have several suggestions for them. First, try not to be too envious; your time will come. Second, make your time here worthwhile because, as cliché as this may be, it really will be over before you know it. And finally, embrace the snow days, be in the senior show, and slump it out when you get here because you’ll have earned it.

Nicole Berg is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with five classmates.