Warrior Words: Spring fever

Around this time every year I get allergies and a case of spring fever. How could anyone not? The days are finally getting longer and the daffodils have suddenly bloomed in the yard. It all makes sitting under the fluorescent lights during the school day that much more difficult.

Wilton High School has a different way about it during the springtime. The teachers try their best to pretend the students are not fidgeting in their seats double what they used to and try their best to ignore the amplification of students staring out the windows in a daze of green daydreams. The entire school seems to be in a tissue craze as students sniffle and clear their throats to the whistle of springtime winds.

It’s my last case of Wilton spring fever. This means it’s my last year of running on the still damp Norwalk River Valley path, and passing by Allen’s Meadow filled with flushed lacrosse and baseball players. For one more spring, I will see student athletes lug their teams’ water jugs back into the field house and sit outside as they await being picked up after practice.

One of the best parts about the nicer weather in Wilton is being able to eat lunch outside again. Thanks to the generosity of the Class of 2015, our school has many picnic tables in place outside between the school and hill of Catalpa Road. Beautiful trees have finally bloomed their pink flowers in contrast to the crisp blue sky. It is the best place in the school to finally have a moment in the sun and breathe in the fresh air. Sometimes during the hour the children from the preschool will go outside on the playground. Their symphonic laughter and soprano voices mirror the sounds of spring.

The end of winter signals the beginning of grass stains on little kids’ knees and smiles that are a result of running outside in the still crisp air at track or tennis. This time of year means lying in the just-warm-enough-to-be-outside sun and pretending that you could get a tan. Spring is athletes in cleats and parents picking up and dropping them off in huge carpool-friendly Suburbans. Spring is walking into the Clune Center for rehearsal as the sun explodes into various colors in the sky. It is waiting to run out of the school into the fresh air as fast as possible. It is going for walks with your friends, and listening to crickets as they practice their chirps for the summer. Spring is heading outside for gym class again.

Suddenly, we feel that tease of warm air that makes us want to run to the nearest body of water, away from everything, onto the grass fields, and dream of lying on top of white fluffy clouds.

This time every year fills me with happiness and this year it means just that much more. For one last spring, my friends and I will lose just a little focus in school, sit out on my patio watching as the sun sets and the moon rises, and drive to Compo Beach to pretend that it’s summer already.

It’s my last case of Wilton spring fever and I am absolutely sick with it.

Lynn Huffard is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with four classmates.