Warrior Words: Seven down, one to go

Seven down, one to go It didn’t hit me until I was walking up the field house steps after completing my last gym class ever; my senior year is officially half-way over. How did this even happen? It feels as if yesterday I was one of the hundreds of freshman girls who screamed too loudly in the hallway, and now somehow I have less than five months of my high school career left. I’m not going to lie, I could not help but to feel a twinge of sadness as I said good-bye to Coach Cunningham that day. I’m not saying I will miss the days of running around the locker room in search of gym clothes, Cunningham scolding me for being late yet again, or the 14-lap fitness days in the field house, but the completion of physical education concludes my first semester as a senior. This is simply too hard to wrap my mind around. I never believed the people who used to exclaim how their senior years had “flown by” in the blink of an eye, but now I fully understand what they were saying. After seven semesters at Wilton High School, I only have one remaining. What concerns me is that the days are flying by and I have no control over how fast June, and our long-awaited graduation day, will approach. After three and a half years of dreaming of the day I would graduate and relinquish myself from high school, I now want nothing more than for time to stop to spend more time with the people I am leaving behind next year. I left gym class that day confident I was ready to tackle the remainder of the year and make the most of each day. The end of the year still feels years away, though, because of the multitude of high school-related activities and events still to look forward to. I am sure the spirited and spontaneous Class of 2014 will leave a lasting mark on this school, since we have proven ourselves capable in the first half of the year. From our successfully peppy spirit week, to our creative Halloween costumes, surviving mid-terms (for the last time for us seniors), Red and Whites (for seniors), Counties (for juniors), and even celebrating a snow day when former WHS student Doug Bogan performed in town, the students have had no lack of fun as well as hard work. Now that we have all survived the dreaded mid-term week (and I must say I was impressed with how many students actually showed up in their pajamas), and hopefully hit submit on the last of our college applications, it’s time to look forward to second-semester senior year. Beware of the infamous “senior slump” catching up with you, though, because he is quite prevalent throughout the senior hallway already. As February approaches, more and more kids will hear back from colleges and finally be able to breathe after months of stressful waiting. Some of the pressure of senior year will fade and give way to a semester of new classes, new friendships, vacations, prom, and finally, graduation. My plan is to spend the rest of the year spending time with the people and places that mean the most to me. As for you underclassmen, hang in there and enjoy your time at Wilton High School; it truly does fly by!

Brooke Connolly is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with five classmates.