Warrior Words: Not a lot of money for a lot of effort

Blue and White. These are the colors that filled the football stadium and Guy Whitten Field on Saturday, Oct. 13. As seniors, our last homecoming football game consisted of a new event, an additional festival, that involved all the clubs at Wilton High School. I was always so assured that being committed to multiple clubs is a piece of cake, but on Friday night I finally realized it’s more than what I thought. Dedication, motivation, and determination are all needed to be an officer in more than one club.

As I began baking cupcakes and brownies for the festival on Saturday, I thought to myself how much I love baking. After three hours of doing such a task, this sensation had quickly changed. As an officer in both Interact and International Clubs, I had to bake twice the amount. In order to keep myself content, I kept reminding myself it is for a good cause. The money raised for Interact Club will be donated to a child named Sandra in Haiti. Therefore, after endless hours of pouring, mixing, cutting, and decorating, the baked goods were ready to be sold the next day.

On Saturday, the Guy Whitten field was crowded with dozens of booths each representing a club. Both the Interact and International club booths were filled with such beautifully decorated sweets that simply made your mouth water. I somehow managed to supervise both tables. Unfortunately, after one hour when it was time for cleanup, all our hard work had gone to waste since most of the baked goods still remained on the table.

Whatever the reason may be for such a low amount of sales, it is very disappointing, especially after all the members had put so much effort to represent our clubs. However, the surprising part is that once we announced the baked goods were for free, more than a handful of people rushed over to grab some scrumptious cookies and cupcakes to eat.

Although we did not raise a lot of money for Sandra in Haiti, we were able to feed a lot of hungry people watching the football game. One booth that I realized had a significant turnout that attracted a lot of audiences was throwing pies at the administrators, Mr. O’Donnell and Mr. Sanzo. Young children, students and adults had an unforgettable moment of being able to throw a pie in an administrator’s face, for the first and probably last time in their lives.

Other than my first and last experience at the homecoming festival, the game and half-time show were incredible as usual. It is such a somber feeling to know that our last spirit week and homecoming game at Wilton High School has come to an end. All that anticipation and excitement leading up to this week and day has concluded so swiftly, but I was glad to be able to capture and remember each memorable moment. Now what should we be looking forward to next?

Donya Sadeghi is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with four classmates.