Warrior Words: No place like home

With the spring season finally upon us, it’s hard to believe how quickly senior year has passed and that in short order high school graduation will be here. At this point, I have found myself thinking often of all the little things I love about Wilton and will miss next year; I guess it’s natural to recognize the things you will miss about your hometown as you really begin to contemplate leaving. There are so many things about Wilton that I will miss as I go off to college next year — my family, my friends, my teachers, of course! But there's something more — it's my community, my hometown. I'm home here.

I already know that going off to college means I’m going to have to adopt a whole new lingo! No one’s going to understand what I’m talking about when I say I’m desperately craving a chicken crust club from Tom E Toes or a fresh salad on a pita from the Luncheonette. And when I recognize all the brands of jeans my friends are wearing, no one will know that I was formerly a self-proclaimed “jean”-ius who worked at B Chic and therefore is trained to distinguish the pockets of AGs versus Citizens. I’m loving every second of my last few months in Wilton — some call this town a bubble, but it’s a bubble where my baristas at Coffee Barn know me by name and by order and where I can call ahead to have my order ready so I can still have my coffee fix when I’m running late to school. I want to share some of my favorite things unique to this little bubble we call home.

First off, Scoops. More specifically…Swamp.

I know of one place in the entire world where that delectable ice cream exists. And lucky for us, it’s right here in Wilton. I’ve been going to Scoops ever since I was a little kid, and for someone with as persistent a sweet tooth as I have, Scoops is seriously the unsung hero of Wilton Town Center.

Next, Orem’s Diner. Some of my favorite memories of Wilton come from late nights at Orem’s after an exhilarating opening night performance at Wilton Children’s Theater or after every Saturday show for Wilton High School Theater. Orem’s is the best because they never complain when we forget to call ahead and tell them a mass of 50 hungry, hyped-up middle schoolers are coming at 10 p.m. after an exciting opening night. They tirelessly crank out order after order of milkshakes, root beer floats, and curly fries.

Can’t forget the reservoir. Probably the prettiest drive in all of Wilton. Being a native South Wilton resident myself, a drive over the reservoir is the perfect way to relax after a long day at school on the way home. Just a slight detour from my normal route takes me down a windy road over a sparkling reservoir. I didn’t discover this little gem of Wilton until I was able to drive, but I know I will miss it.

Village Market. Wilton moms can back me up here. The “VM” is the prime spot to pick up lunch, and the premade foods are on par with home-cooked meals. Also, shout out to the VM for always letting WHS clubs and organizations have bake sales outside.

There’s a lot to miss when we venture off to college and to our lives. Those listed above are just a few I’ve come up with while reminiscing on my 18 years here. I know, along with many of my peers, I am ready to experience life in other corners of the country and the world, but I will always be grateful to have grown up in this charming, supportive, and tightly knit community.

Grace Kelleher is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with four classmates.