Warrior Words: My tiny snow globe

Maya Fazio
Maya Fazio

Some day, whether it be in a few months or a few years, new students will filter in and out of the Wilton Public School system. Year after year, semester after semester, quarter after quarter. There comes a time when finally, whether you’re ready to let go or not, you have to bid farewell to Wilton Public Schools as you move towards your future. Whether one pursues higher education, gets a job, enlists, or travels the world, most students have a desire to break free from our safe, secure, little “Wilton Bubble.” Personally, I would like to call it more of a “Fairfield County Bubble” due to the accessibility we have to the neighboring towns of Westport, Norwalk, and Danbury — to name a few.

Nowadays, everybody is on the move, constantly trying to move on to “The Next Big Thing.” A little town like this can often be taken for granted and all the surrounding areas can be forgotten as you trek into worlds full of skyscrapers, busy streets, and taxi cabs. So I implore you, do not forget everything our little bubble has to offer and please hesitate before popping it.

Don’t forget the famous Compo Beach sunrises and sunsets, the moment in which the day and night blend together for a split second before day changes to night or night changes to day. Where the sky turns hues of pink, orange, yellow, and red. Where cotton candy swirls dance through the upper atmosphere as clouds.

Don’t forget the infamous Maritime Aquarium. The place in which all your childhood field trips took place, young eager-to-learn students pressed their noses against the glass cases of various aquatic beings. Maybe some kids trying to wrap their heads around the way that  jellyfish move and others curious about how sharks seemed so innocent behind glass yet were so dangerous.

Don’t forget the place most people know and love, the Danbury Mall. Whether it be to go to the over-the-top fair they have each year where chained swings swirl through the sky and the air reeks of fried carnival food. Or maybe you enjoy going from store to store, up elevators, and down escalators to find the best deals they have to offer.

Most importantly, don’t forget our little compact town center, sandwiched between Pinocchio’s  and the forever busy Starbucks. The Starbucks that some middle schoolers walk great distances to get to via the Norwalk River Valley Trail or where others decide to take the packed town school bus instead. The Starbucks that causes high schoolers to cross their fingers in hopes of finding an open spot right out front, not wanting to walk an extra few feet from the movie theater lot. And the Starbucks that adults go to for an after work or afternoon beverage, trying to beat the rush at 3:00 after school lets out.

Don’t forget our Warrior Pride. Within my own personal college search, school pride and “heart” is one important factor that I was on the hunt for. Being accustomed to the town-wide support that had unknowingly been ingrained in me throughout all of my time in Wilton, when outside of our bubble, the concept seemed to be foreign to others.

In the spirit of the holidays, this so-called bubble that we are in acts like a snow globe of my life in a way. Our town being the stationary figurine in the middle because it is a constant. The glitter and snow surrounding it are the memories that have been acquired, they are always accumulating much like snow during a snowfall. There were a lot of places that my parents could have moved us to from Minnesota 17 years ago. Conveniently, I ended up in Wilton — eventually. And if I had to be in a bubble, I am fortunate that I live in this one, so try not to be so quick to pop it.

Maya Fazio is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with five classmates.