Warrior Words: Middle School 2.0

Last week, I went to a Genius Bar appointment at the Apple Store hoping for some kind of miracle. Years and years of my digital photos seemed to be missing from my computer. They were not in my iPhoto, not in the mysterious “cloud.” For months, I was under the impression that all my photographic records, my treasured memories of the middle school awkward phase were erased — lost in some digital nowhere.

Within five minutes of troubleshooting, the Apple Store genius (AKA my new best friend) resurrected 20,000 photos I thought I would never see again. I was beside myself, thoroughly impressed with the wizardry I had just experienced, and thoroughly embarrassed as photos from 2009 of myself and all my friends filled my screen. I can only hope that Apple geniuses are asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement of sorts as a requirement of their employment, safeguarding me and my friends from the justifiable outright laughter about our wide-eyed awkward phase — ah, how far we’ve come. From Second Grade Picnic to Matball Camp to summers at the Lake Club.

I would have to say uncovering these photos is certainly a blessing and a curse. Some of them I would have preferred been lost forever. So many memories from middle school flooded my mind as I stood at the Genius Bar in awe and appreciation.

As I write, there are 15 school days left for seniors going on internship; by the time this is published, we will be down to the last five days! Internships are an exciting time for WHS seniors. Some of my friends are volunteering for incredible, local nonprofit organizations, others are working at small businesses in Fairfield County, one is even commuting to Manhattan to do some financial consulting (whatever that is) and some of my most creative friends are working together filming various projects around town. I will be doing my senior internship at Middlebrook School, working alongside many of my former teachers and mentors. I am so excited to be returning to middle school to experience it through such a different lens. I’ll be sure to take some new pictures of my “second chance” at middle school!

In thinking about these last school days before internships commence, and my routine suddenly changes, I realize one of the hardest parts of leaving behind this 8:20 a.m.-2:50 p.m. routine will be leaving behind the brief moments between classes and the time during lunch waves and frees that I spend with my favorite people in the world. This year, I’ve shared a locker with one of my best friends — she’s my “Locker Roomie”!  My best days have started off with one of her little notes on our mini white board and perhaps a juice box or some of her mom’s famous, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. In return, I leave notes of my own and constantly decorate with updated pictures of us. It is friendships like this I wish I could pack up in my suitcase and smuggle off to California with me next year.

Grace Kelleher is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with four classmates.