Warrior Words: Looking forward to senior year, but not the alarm clock

Can you believe it? I am certainly in awe that summer is already over and the stress of school is back.

It’s already September, but not just September of any year, it’s of my senior year. It felt like yesterday my parents were kissing me good-bye as I stepped onto the yellow school bus for the first day of kindergarten class, with my Madeline lunch box in one hand and my name tag in the other.

Living in Wilton for more than 16 years, and attending the entire Wilton school system, I can unquestionably call this town my home.

Now back to reality. I am so delighted to finally be over with the junior-year madness of SATs and ACTs, these college applications will not be any more exciting.

Even the thought of clicking the “submit” button and having to wait several months for the results makes my body tremble. As I have heard from friends who have graduated from high school already, second semester of senior year is what I should be looking forward to.

The first two weeks of senior year have been satisfactory. Seeing friends and classmates after two short months has been enjoyable. The ability to finally be able to choose our own lockers and to have priority with our counselors for schedule changes are only a few senior privileges that I so dearly appreciate.

Having priority for meeting with our counselors on the first day of school is especially beneficial since I never seem to be pleased with my schedule.

Although my regular routine for school has not yet fully kicked in, teachers have already felt the need to bombard us with homework and tests.

As president of both International and Interact clubs at Wilton High, I dedicate several hours a week to these clubs. For International Club, there is always an event going on. From planning the next field trip to scheduling the next bake sale to sponsoring children around the world, International Club keeps me busy.

On the other hand, my Tuesday mornings are reserved for Interact Club, where we are always raising money for various organizations. And finally, as vice president of Key Club, there is no volunteer event in the community that I am not aware of.

But most importantly, getting on the routine of waking up at 6:45 every morning and having to snooze my alarm clock several times before actually getting out of bed will take a while for me to adjust to.

I am confident that the 249 days until graduation will consist of memories that will forever remain imprinted in my mind. As a Wilton Warrior, I must keep “fighting” and working hard, until the very end.

Donya Sadeghi is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with four classmates.