Warrior Words: 'January'

The holiday season is officially over. We’ve strung our lights, stamped our holiday cards, sipped our Champagne and celebrated the new year. As much as I’ve simply adored listening to four different renditions of Sleigh Ride, Let It Snow and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree at every Village Market shift for the past month, I must admit that I’m ready to venture forth into the new year.

With empty wallets, full stomachs, and resolutions galore, we prepare to take on January.

On the face of it, this is a notoriously dull month. Animals remain in hibernation, retail sales dwindle, and everything (except the gyms, of course) seems to be in a lull as we recover from the energy and excitement of the past month.

At Wilton High School, however, January is anything but humdrum. The entire month is packed with momentous event after event. With only seven school days to refresh, review, and prepare, WHS students dive right into midterm exams on the 14th. Everyone takes part in the same routine: pray for snow days to push the tests back, beg the teachers for review packets, and hope there won’t be any essays on the exams.

Students somehow undergo a transformation in which, for the four exam days, we all feel and look even more like zombies awoken from the grave. (I’m talking sweatsuits, frizzy hair, and lack of makeup. Scary.) For the freshmen, this also means spending about 80% of the time worrying about what cruel and unjust curve balls the teachers might just throw at them and only about 20% actually studying. Freshmen: go to the NHS Study Night, breathe, and it’ll be over soon, I promise.

In contrast, by now we seniors have memorized the exam schedule, know the perfect ways to begin our test preparation in the 30-minute study period before the exam (and actually pull out a decent grade), and hardly fret over the hour-and-a-half-long assessments anymore. Underclassmen, not to worry, you will survive.

As if crafted by angels, MLK Jr. weekend so conveniently falls directly after the last day of exams. It provides just enough time for a brief recharging period following mid-terms and preceding second semester. I’m hoping to flee to someplace warm; the sun will heal me.

The annual Red and Whites (for seniors) and Counties (for juniors) charity balls are in late January this year, as well. As if mid-terms didn’t provide enough stress, girls have to not only decide on the most perfect date, dress, and time for an Adam Broderick appointment but also the best shoes, makeup, and of course, the most creative “asking” method possible.

For those unfortunate souls who spent a good chunk of their breaks either online shopping or journeying to Westport, Greenwich or the city for last-minute dress shopping, we’re praying for you.

Last but certainly not least, the senior show, Crazytown, of which I’m proud to be a cast member, premieres at the end of the month. What an eerily accurate title for a play! The seeming post-holiday quiet aside, for WHS students Wilton really does become a crazy town in January. And seriously, come see the play — it’s a hoot and a half.

Nicole Berg is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with five classmates.