Warrior Words: Goodbye GSocc

Two weeks ago I played in my last Wilton High School soccer game. We had made history as the first Wilton High School girls soccer team to make it to the Class LL State semifinals, and we faced a team that had not lost in 58 straight games. As we held hands while The Star-Spangled Banner reverberated through the worn-out speakers, our anxiety and nerves were jolting through each of us.

The first few minutes were rough — really rough. Our eyes weren’t deceived by the steady glow of the full moon, the scoreboard actually said we were losing 2-0, just five minutes into the game. But then, for the remaining 75 minutes, Wilton Girls Soccer showed what we are made of: tremendous heart and fight. We held our opponent scoreless for the remainder of the game and even managed a few threatening chances on goal ourselves.

When the game ended on that crisp November night, there was a stillness in the air, like everyone was holding their breath. Then it hit me — high school soccer was over. The hugs from my teammates hit me even harder than that. I had invested countless hours, injuries, laughs, and celebrations into this team and now this experience had come to an end. I had played my last game with girls I first met at Allen’s Meadow 12 years ago.

I started sporting the reversible blue and white jersey long before I knew what it meant to be a Warrior. Long before I knew what a box-to-box sprint was or the joy of jumping onto a pile of teammates after an overtime win in the playoffs. Now I know more than anything what it means. It means win or lose, you cry, cheer, and celebrate — together.

I will always remember campaigning around school together to win Team of the Week, crawling through an agonizing eight-mile run together, and it being so cold out that we were able to write what we really thought of our 6:45 a.m. practice in the frost coating the field. This is what has made the last four years unforgettable.

As cliché as it sounds, being a part of the WHS Soccer Team has changed my perspective and changed who I am. I’ve gotten to know people I would never have been friends with if not for the commonality of soccer. I’ve learned things about my perseverance, grit, and spirit that I didn’t know I had. Through every agonizing loss and buzzer-beating win, the passion that our teammates all share on the field is indescribable and leaves me with amazing memories.

Wilton High School Girls Soccer, or GSocc as we call it, is over. Indoor track starts soon, but before I move on, I want to thank all the soccer parents, my coaches and my amazing teammates for making this experience so special that it is nearly impossible to say goodbye.

Julia Vitarelli is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with four classmates.