Warrior Words: Difference makers

Almost done! My fellow seniors and I have battled the first semester to its finish, applied to college, and survived our last high school midterms. With seven semesters behind us, we only have one to go. Basically, the brunt of our work is finally done.

I look forward to the remaining milestones in my high school experience; senior internship, deciding on a college, and graduation. In doing so, I find myself reflecting on the people who have helped to make my high school experience successful and have influenced who I am along the way.

First off, the teachers. Wilton High School has a truly amazing array of them. When you have a class with a special teacher there is nothing better. Over the last four years, I have had quite a few teachers like this. They have inspired me and motivated me to try my best and believe in my abilities. These teachers are passionate about what they do and they strive to make you equally as passionate. They want to see you achieve and will go the extra mile to help you get there. These teachers are unique, so when you get one, appreciate it and take advantage of the opportunity to grow and learn from them.

Outside of the classroom, my coaches have had a huge impact on me. My track coaches are a big part of the reason that I have run indoor and outdoor track for four years. Dedicating that much time to a sport is made easier when you have someone encouraging and motivating you everyday. After a good race, or a bad one, my coaches have always praised my effort and determination and provided the appropriate amount of constructive criticism. They have made me believe that I can run even faster than I think I can. Over the years, I have found a passion for a sport that has truly changed my character. I have learned to push forward and define success by my efforts as well as my results.

My guidance counselor has also been instrumental in making my high school experience a positive and enriching one. When I first came to Wilton High School, everyone told me to get to know my guidance counselor, as they would be vital over the next four years. I didn’t fully appreciate this until I had scheduling problems and had to go in and talk to my counselor. With each meeting, I got to know her more, and I realized how valuable her advice was. During my college application process, her guidance was crucial. My counselor helped me shape my future at WHS and in turn, my future beyond it.

I am grateful for these relationships. These people have guided me, motivated me, and most importantly, believed in me. My high school experience would not have been what it was without these adults going the distance to support me. In May I will head off to my internship, followed by college in the fall. I am hopeful that I will find similarly dedicated educators whose passion and commitment make a remarkable difference.

Julia Vitarelli is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with four classmates.