Warrior Words: A word of advice

Upon entering the front doors of Wilton High School on the first day of freshman year, all freshmen are inevitably paralyzed with fear, with some excitement sprinkled on the outside, and expectations through the roof. Dreams of free periods, electives, dreamy upperclassmen, getting a driver’s license, and countless other hopes are fluttering through the minds of each of the newest members of Wilton High. Little do they know that the next four years of their lives will be nothing they could have ever dreamed of. Everything they thought they knew about high school is probably wrong, and it’s up to the seniors to teach the freshmen some of the most important advice they have ever received. After all, who knows the high school better than the slumping seniors we see roaming the halls? They are the ones who have somehow survived four years within the confines of this place we have come to call home.

First off, it’s OK to be a nerd. Actually, it’s awesome. Be the friend who decides not to go out one night because you have to stay home to finish an assignment. Intelligence is a very appealing trait on anyone. When you’re out to dinner and you’re the one who can calculate how much the tip is the fastest in your head, people will notice.

Secondly, find a passion. Discover something that you love, something unique to just you, and pursue it for the rest of your life. Whether it’s a sport, art, music, or a rare pen collection (I’ve seen this first hand), find it and make it your own. Know everything there is about said hobby, and tell everyone you know about it. Let this craze border on the line of obsession, because it is what will define you.

Most importantly, don’t succumb to the pressure of living in Wilton. Many times kids get it into their heads that they have to take every AP class at the school, and that it is imperative to then get an A in said classes. Do not overwhelm yourselves; this will only hurt you in the long run. The competitive nature of our school and town may get the best of some of you and guide you to take more rigorous classes than you can handle. There will be the students who can handle taking five AP classes in one year, but it’s OK if you are not that student. Choose classes you truly care about (and I know you have heard this a thousand times), because it will make doing your homework less of a chore and more rewarding.

I strongly emphasize this, do not develop the habit of doing homework in your bed. Just don’t do it. Come senior year, it will make your senior slump all too easy to succumb to. It also encourages falling asleep mid-homework and waking up in a full panic at 7 the next morning. Secondly, do not drink coffee. You will find yourself three years later with an empty wallet, too many tardies to your first period class, with an inability to drive past the local coffee shop without turning in.

Lastly, and quite off topic from the rest of my advice, I encourage you to try a yoga class. I’m serious, boy or girl, find a friend to go with you to a local yoga class and you will thank me. Not only does it get you in shape, but it will also take away some of the inevitable stress that you will have piled up. If you’re feeling confident, try Bikram Yoga (which is yoga in a 100-degree heated room).

I hope the freshmen of WHS absorb some of this advice I have given and use it to their advantage. My last piece of advice for you is to enjoy every day at this school, because before you know it you will be frantically turning in your cap and gown forms for graduation, and your days at Wilton High will come to a surprisingly bittersweet end.

Brooke Connolly is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with five classmates.