November. Not only does this significant month consist of one of my favorite holidays, but this year it also concludes sending out my first batch of college applications. This November has been a thrilling month full of lasting memories that have definitely made senior year even more exhilarating. The month began with an unexpected, yet relaxing 10 days off due to Hurricane Sandy. My biggest relief was that I had already sent in my college applications that were due by Nov. 1, so I did not have to go frantically searching around the country for that one house with power to submit my applications.

Aside from the termination of my college applications, November encompasses one of the most festive holidays, Thanksgiving. Due to my Persian culture, every dinner is similar to a Thanksgiving meal at my household, since Iranians are passionate about food.

However, consuming the traditional Thanksgiving meal on the third Thursday of November, along with cherished family and friends, has always brought me pleasure. Thanksgiving reminds me to remain grateful in life, even when you are experiencing the worst days, since appreciation is the key to happiness. As young adults, we take many everyday items, including computers, cell phones, daily food, and water, for granted, whereas in many parts of the world, people can only dream about them. Therefore, I dedicate this column to everyone and everything I am thankful for that have left a “footprint” in my life.

I must commence with the existence of both my loving parents, who have continuously been at my side during moments of happiness and during the times I have needed a helping hand to boost me up. I could on no account be more appreciative for my amazing, older brother who is a shining star in my life. My incredible friends at Wilton High School are the “cherries on top” as they have made each and every day, during these three and a half years, an adventure full of laughter. I wish I had enough space to mention everyone I am thankful for, but then this column would be never ending.

In addition to my wonderful friends and family, Mrs. Sue Mangan from Wilton High School has her own designated spot on my list. Without her outstanding energy and dedication to assist every student with their college applications, I do not know what Wilton High School students would do. I cannot be more thankful for the friendly teachers, helpful counselors, and the positive learning environment at the high school. The unique opportunity that I have been given to travel frequently to Iran is an irreplaceable privilege that I am forever grateful for, as it allows me to embrace the best of both my American and Persian heritages.

Instead of thinking about what you are missing think about what you have that everyone else may be missing. So, even though the month of November is coming to an end, we should not forget to be thankful for everything we possess.

Donya Sadeghi is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with four classmates.