WVAC 911: The File of Life

When a Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps (WVAC) crew is dispatched to a 911 call, the first things the crew seeks to understand about the patient upon arrival are:

Often the WVAC crew responds to a patient where this information is not readily available, and critical time is spent to gather this information. Once it is gathered, the crew can then use the information in patient assessment and care, and when the patient is transferred to the care of the hospital emergency department.
The File of Life program assists emergency medical responders by providing this essential information, and it is easy for patients to use. It consists of a card that records vital information about the patient’s medical history, medications, allergies, emergency contact information, doctor’s name, etc. The card is stored in a clear plastic envelope in a visible and accessible location for use by first responders. One such location often used is a refrigerator door where the File of Life envelope is held by a magnet. A File of Life card may also be stored in a wallet or in a ladies handbag, or in a child’s backpack/school bag.
Medical emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. The File of Life is an efficient and effective program that assists the WVAC crew and other first responders to render prompt medical care. WVAC encourages all residents to consider using the File of Life program.
Wilton residents may send a request for a free File of Life packet to Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps at P.O. Box 216, Wilton CT 06897, or they may send an email to VicePresident@wiltonambulance.org . Stay safe!

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