The TASC List: Word smatter

Floating across the Internet this summer were some fine examples of puns and puzzles for words lovers (lexophiles) to afford some relief from boredom and humidity.

Two of my favorites included this: “I’ve been reading a great book on anti-gravity. I can’t put it down.”  And: “I have a friend who’s addicted to brake fluid. He says he can stop any time.”

So here are a couple of home grown quickies. Send me some of yours and we can add to the cool circulation of humor in cyberspace.  

1) It wasn’t just hot in August. I was Wilton.

2) If you’re Bored of Finance, you may want to try Accounting.

3) Where can you find most politicians most of the time? Quorem’s Diner.

4) Climate fanciers are moved by an al gore rhythm.

5) Weir Farm didn’t need Wi-Fi; it was already wired weirdly.

6) I was queued up in Australia for Qantas, with no you to follow.

7) Will Board of Education members ever term out?  Not Likly.

8) A tasty new pizza Lynne-cheon specialty in town: the Vander slice.

9) If they put signs up on Fujitani Field, one may say: “Go to Compo Beach after the game. Make it a real Surf and Turf night.”

10) What’s growing faster than enrollment in Wilton? The animal population — because wild turkeys are doing the forecasting.

11) What’s another name for Military Basic Training? Corps Curriculum.

12) Who is that very sunburned tennis baseliner playing defense? A red lobster.

13) Can you name something that has 380 legs and really heats up the joint? Could be a colony of fire ants — or the Warrior Marching Band.

14) Last weekend I saw two Elks at Weir Farm National Park. They were having lunch with a couple of Lions.

15) Hey, where’s all that old-time raucous laughter coming from? The Wilton Hysterical Society.

And so it goes. Any original submissions sent here will compete for a cash prize and a new title in town: Wordsmith in Residence.

TASC stands for Toward A Stronger Community. Contact: