The TASC List: Summer reflections

As July begins you may be reading this in the sand or in a quiet place. A little homespun advice or opportunity for musing never hurts.
Some of what follows emanates from cyberspace (i.e., the Internet) as instructions for living a better life. Other material can be found under newspaper banners, or framed on barbershop walls, or inside a fortune cookie. We hope you find them of mild interest, whatever the source.
Let me know if you’ve got some better ones. Send them along to and we’ll update our inventory. Perhaps we’ll publish them later. In any case they fit well with our mission toward a stronger town, and with our orientation toward lists and recommendations.
Here are a selected few.

So that’s the short list for this summer. We hope you stay resilient and the trees stay well rooted as the storms and winds of change sweep through this quiet corner of Connecticut.
We can all do better. The town seems to be trying harder. Instructions for living and thriving are reasonably easy to acquire. Implementing them is much more difficult.

TASC stands for Toward A Stronger Community. Contact: