The Bulletin's six new Warrior Words columnists

As the summer ends and new school year begins, The Bulletin welcomes a new group of Warrior Words columnists — Wilton High School seniors Tor Aronson, Shelby Connor, Maggie Cummins, Maya Fazio, Lydia Hoffman and Eve Ogdon.

Tor Aronson

At Wilton High School, Tor is a member of the student government, captain of the varsity tennis team, a member of the National Honor Society and involved in Peervention and Buon Amico.

But his favorite school activities are band and marching band.

“During the marching band season, I play the baritone saxophone,” said Tor. “When marching band ends and the wind ensemble starts, I play the bassoon.”

Outside of school, Tor enjoys cooking and spending time with friends. He also participates in Wilton Library’s Poetry in Motion program.

“I have always been interested in creative writing and poetry, so the library’s program Poetry in Motion was a fantastic way for me to practice and share my writing,” he said. “I was a board member, so I helped pick the theme and the poems that would be performed every year. Now I’m excited to hone a new kind of skill by writing for Warrior Words.”

Shelby Connor

Shelby, also known as “Shel,” enjoys rollerblading, traveling, cats, Indian food and running — “minus the running part,” she said.

As a “day-trip enthusiast,” Shelby said, she can be found “driving to obscure corners of Connecticut seeking out the best ice cream shop or hiking spot,” in her free time.

Shelby said she is also “an avid writer of poems, short stories and to-do lists.”

Her sophomore year, Shelby started the Wilton High School Candy Stripers Club, which works to bridge the generation gap between local seniors and youth.

“We host annual holiday parties at the Wilton Greens and do visits to the Wilton Meadows and Brookdale as well,” she said. “This past year, the club began a collaboration with the organization Stay at Home in Wilton and we host monthly tech help sessions at the senior center.”

Shelby said she is also active in Wilton Library’s Poetry in Motion program, where she writes and performs her poetry each year, and is looking forward to having a position on the board this year. She is also a member of the high school’s French Honors Society and an active member of the Wilton Presbyterian Church.

As for being one of this year’s Warrior Words columnists, Shelby said she is “ecstatic.”

Maggie Cummins

Maggie is an active and curious student with “passions that span multiple disciplines.”

“My friends typically describe me as an optimist with a flair for really bad puns — and knowing too much about Broadway shows,” she said. “I’ve seen over 30.”

As you might have guessed, theater is one of Maggie’s passions and she said she’s interested in pursuing a career in technical theater.

“Fittingly, over the past few years, I’ve worked with the Little Theater Company to stage manage musicals, plays and improv shows,” she said.

In her spare time, Maggie can be found apprenticing at Ambler Farm, “surrounded by kids and animals, and working in the gardens. I absolutely love it there, and I get to work with children in grades 5-12 to make the farm a wonderful place,” she said.

Baking is another one of Maggie’s passions.

“On a typical Saturday, you can find me in the kitchen baking cupcakes,” she said. “Baking has been a passion of mine for a few years now, and my family is always willing to eat any leftovers.”

Maggie said she’s really looking forward to writing for The Bulletin this year and hopes to write columns that are “informative and interesting.”

Maya Fazio

“Being from an Indian and Italian family,” Maya said, she has been “exposed to very diverse cultural backgrounds all [her] life.”

That, she said, is “part of the reason” why she finds writing “so interesting.”

“Everyone has a unique story, and being able to express it in writing in a way that is engaging to the audience has always been intriguing to me,” she said.

Maya said she has loved to write for as long as she can remember.

“I was actually fortunate enough to have James Patterson read my work and give me feedback, which really motivated me and made me determined to stick with it,” she said.

Another love of Maya’s is golf.

“I have been on the [Wilton High School girls’] golf team since sophomore year and I am going to be the captain for the season in the spring,” she said.

“Being on the golf team has opened up a lot of opportunities for me — one being that I work at Redding Country Club in the golf shop, which allows me to connect with a lot of people from all different walks of life.”

This school year, Maya will also be a Link Leader for Wilton High School’s new freshman transition program, Link Crew.

Lydia Hoffman

Not only is Lydia president of the choir and vice president of the French Honors Society at Wilton High School, but she’s also involved with student government and the American Cancer Society.

“After school, I volunteer at Wilton Children’s Theater as an intern,” she said, “and I participate in the Wilton High School theater productions.”

Lydia said she spends “a lot of time” hiking and skiing, and enjoys kayaking and paddleboarding in the summer.

On weekends, she can be found hanging out with friends or working at Jade, an athletic clothing store in New Canaan.

Lydia said her favorite thing to do is travel, and she recently spent “four amazing weeks abroad, split between South Africa and Costa Rica.”

After “an incredible summer,” Lydia said, she is “so excited” to head back to school and be one of this year’s Warrior Words columnists.

Eve Ogdon

Eve is a member of Wilton High School’s American Cancer Society Club and Candy Stripers, as well as secretary of her class and prom chair.

On top of that, she said, Eve is gearing up for her fourth season of volleyball management this fall.

“Not only does this give me an opportunity to be a member of a sports team for the first time ever, but I get to show my Warrior spirit just by scoring on the sidelines,” she said.

This March, Eve will dance in her 13th and final spring recital for Walter Schalk.

“There’s nothing quite like piercing your scalp with dozens of bobby pins to secure a sparkly fedora atop your head, just so you can get on stage in front of hundreds of people and pray that said sacred headpiece doesn’t fall off,” she said.

When she’s not busy with extracurricular activities and dancing, Eve can be found on Saturdays working at Sophia’s, a costume rental and vintage clothing store in Greenwich.

“As a fashion history fanatic,” she said, “there’s truly no better place for my first job.”

At home, Eve said, she values “the serenity of living the only-child lifestyle” with her parents and two cats.