Reverse sexual harassment?

A woman at my company keeps making sexual comments to me and inappropriately touching me.

Although I am a guy, I really dislike what she is doing.

When I complained to management, I was told to live with it. When I complained again, I was fired  — after only three months on the job.

Is this right? —Bob

No, it is not right — regardless of your being a male.

Both the state and federal anti-discrimination laws prohibit sexual harassment of both females and males.

You took the right step by complaining to management.

When the company ignored your complaint, they likely violated the laws by not taking action to stop such harassment.

Furthermore, they violated the laws when they fired you for complaining. Such termination is an independent violation of both the state and federal laws if the discharge was prompted by your complaining.

It is called retaliation against you because you had the nerve and the audacity to complain.

Attorney Stephen P. Horner  is “of counsel” to the Darien firm of Rucci Burnham and has his own practice, specializing in labor law, in Madison. He can be reached at or