Ode to a town meeting

Cheers to attendees, residents all
Especially commuters  — who should really stand tall
Two hours and a half of charts and reports
And nice looking folk making kindly retorts
Some twenty town leaders sat all in a row
While selectman Brennan and others ran the show
A fairly large audience applauded Mr. B
And others for the hours spent that none would ever see.
It all went quite smoothly most people thought
But they’ll wait to see what the media bought
And how many voters are still planning to vote
To decide this year’s budget and taxes of note
Our town won much praise for its work in the past
But also dire warnings that joy cannot last
That seniors are fleeing with taxes so high
And schools won’t survive if businesses die
One mentioned building costs up in the sky
Another said fire station repair wouldn’t fly
While some thought 42 policemen too many
And others approved of every last penny
So while we applaud this New England show
And our hearts are alight with its annual glow
We must say it takes work to govern this way
And we cheer again all who came and voted today.
—May 5, 2015