From the Desk of the First Selectman: Wilton Center's flower baskets: Courtesy of five generous individuals

As the flower baskets on the lampposts will soon be taken down and replaced with colorful scarecrows, a great big round of applause is owed to five very generous individuals and their organizations:

•Charlie Howell — President, The Wilton Bank

•Chris Lavin — Principal, MCL Ventures

•Lee Wilson — President, Wilson Properties LLC

•Peg Koellmer — Owner, Realty 7

•Bill McQuillan — Principal, Boylston Properties

For many years, these civic-minded individuals and their organizations have quietly contributed annually to support the very popular flower basket program for Wilton Center. We are all indebted to them for their generosity.

Special praise is also due Suzanne Knutson of the Wilton Garden Club, who each year selects the species for the baskets and coordinates closely with the grower, Tower Farms in Cheshire, who has also been supportive by maintaining their prices for several years.

The town’s Parks and Grounds Department also deserves praise for installing the flowers each year, plus fertilizing and watering them daily during the summer months. Without this daily care, the flowers would dry out and quickly wither.

Our thanks and gratitude go out to these “unsung” heroes who silently and reliably contribute their talents and resources to make Wilton’s village center an attractive and enjoyable shopping and dining environment.

On behalf of the entire Wilton community, thanks again for all that you do for our town.