From the Chief: School safety is an ongoing concern

Since the tragic events unfolded in Newtown on Dec. 14, it is timely to remind residents that the Wilton Police Department has always taken additional steps with our partners in the Wilton School System and all private school systems to ensure the safety of the students and faculty in each of these educational facilities.

For many years the Wilton Police Department and the Wilton School faculty have trained and practiced for situational emergencies. Practical exercises, training bulletins and other detailed security measures have been in place for many years. The Wilton Police Department presently has one school resource officer who is assigned to the schools full-time during the school year. He works closely with faculty and students on an array of issues, all relating to the ultimate safeguard of those utilizing the schools and the educational process.

An effective preventative anti-school violence program requires community-wide collaborative partnerships. It must include school administration, teachers, students, mental health and law enforcement professionals. It is and will continue to be our common goal to strive for enhancement of school safety. Each community and school system is different and the needs of each should be considered when development of strategies is considered.

Public safety is the primary objective of any police agency. Law enforcement in every community needs public support. If you witness something suspicious report it immediately. Routine calls that require immediate response can be made to 203-834-6260. In the event of an emergency please call 911.

The events that have taken place in Newtown have shattered many lives and proved that no community is immune to violence. Shootings in schools, while rare, are very disturbing. The Wilton Police Department stands ready to provide the best public safety to the community.

Michael Lombardo

Chief of Police

Wilton, Jan. 8