From Town Hall: Road restoration is ahead of schedule

With one month left in the first year of the town’s five-year road-restoration program, I am pleased to report that excellent progress has been made.

As of this date, 10.37 miles of Wilton roads have been repaved and during the month of June, additional roads will be repaved, substantially exceeding the initial 10-mile objective. Year 2 starts on July 1 with the goal of another 10 miles of road paving and restoration.

Since July 1, 2012, the following roads have been paved and improved (See chart at right).

At the Annual Town Meeting in May 2012, the Board of Selectmen outlined a five-year plan to restore Wilton’s roads, many of which had not been repaved in over 20 years. As oil prices and asphalt escalated in recent years, fewer miles of road paving were being accomplished due to annual operating budget cost pressures. Consequently, a special five-year road-restoration program was developed to rehabilitate approximately 50 miles of deteriorated town-owned roads, which are a significant asset of the town and must be maintained for public safety.

The town’s Department of Public Works (DPW) developed a detailed five-year road program and capital funds were approved to support the first two years of this critical maintenance work.

Road                                         Miles

Ridge Rd. 0.21

Powder Horn Hill Rd. 0.70

Parish Rd.   0.21

Honey Hill Rd. 0.76

Wampum Hill Rd. 0.36

Mayapple Rd. 0.25

Quail Ridge Rd. 0.23

Cherry La. 0.69

Dudley Rd. 0.18

Old Boston Rd. 0.63

Old Kings Highway 0.98

Wilton Woods 0.25

Snowberry La. 0.15

Turtleback Rd. 0.09

Turtlehead Rd. 0.32

Antler La. 0.25

Fawn Ridge 0.15

Gilly La. 0.08

Fox Run Rd. 0.13

Spectacle La .0.76

Kent Rd. 0.35

Pond Rd . 10.57

Pond Rd. 20.11

High School Dr. 0.23

St. Johns Rd. 0.54

Collinswood Rd. 0.35

Olmstead Hill Rd .0.30

Cobbs Mill Rd. 0.31

Horseshoe Rd. 0.23

Total (to date) 10.37