From Town Hall: Invest in Wilton!

The most important community capital project in the last 25 years will be presented to the citizens of Wilton on Tuesday evening, Sept. 23, at the high school’s Clune Center. Please plan to attend this Special Town Meeting that I believe is critical to the future of our community.

Miller-Driscoll School serves our youngest school children — pre-kindergarten through second grade. It is the “gateway” school to our exceptionally and nationally recognized school system, but Miller-Driscoll’s facilities are in need of major renovations and improvements.

After many years of educational planning, a building committee of experienced citizens was appointed by the Board of Selectmen to develop a comprehensive plan to renovate and revitalize the Miller-Driscoll School. The architectural, construction, site and security plans developed by the building committee have been reviewed in detail by the Board of Selectmen, the Board of Education and the Board of Finance. Each board has unanimously approved the proposed capital project’s plans!

It is time now for the citizens of Wilton to vote on this critical community project. At this point, there are few options available, as Miller-Driscoll’s aging infrastructure and mechanical systems must be addressed. If for any reason, this project is delayed, the town’s construction advisers indicate project renovation costs will be greater in the future. Fortunately, the current low interest rate environment presents the town with a cost-efficient funding opportunity.

It is important to note that a vote “Yes” for the project is not just a vote for the renovation of school facilities, but also a vote to preserve community property values. Wilton’s outstanding school system has long been rated one of the town’s greatest assets! The excellence of our schools attracts new home buyers who visit community school facilities as part of their home location decision process. A renovated and improved Miller-Driscoll School and campus will support Wilton’s school system and in turn, the preservation of local property values.

In summary, as your first selectman for the past nine years, I believe this proposal is the most important capital project that has come to the electorate for approval during this period. I respectfully and personally appeal to Wilton’s citizens to vote “Yes” to support this critical project — an investment, I believe, in both our school system and our great community.

Thank you.