From Town Hall: A vote for our future

Wilton citizens successfully voted for the future of our community! A big thank you to all the citizens who voted following the Annual Town Meeting and on last Saturday, resulting in a 34% increase in voter turnout versus last year. While still an embarrassingly low 9.6% vote, versus eligible voters, it was a welcomed improvement.

Wilton is recognized as a highly educated community and citizens have proven in the past that they will strongly speak out when they do not support issues before the community. Consequently, when citizens do not vote in a local election, they essentially cast a “yes” vote, so the bottom line interpretation of the recent budget vote is overwhelming support for the proposed town budget and capital projects!

On a personal note, I was very pleased to see the Wilton Road Restoration Program receive such strong support from the community, as it is a critical town infrastructure project. Approval of the Comstock Renovations Project was also a positive investment vote for long overdue improvements of the town’s only community center that serves a wide range of Wilton’s citizens.

Thank you again to all the citizens that voted in the recent budget election.