Ask the First Selectman

We are adding a new feature, Ask the First Selectman, which will be published every few weeks. We will present your questions to First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice and provide you with her answers. Email your questions to

The following are five frequently asked questions and Lynne's answers.

Can an ice rink be located at Schenck’s Island?  How about a community pool at Merwin Meadows?

Schenck’s Island and Merwin Meadows are in flood zones and as such there are restrictions as to the type of structures that can be placed at these properties (e.g., placement of a structure that would impede floodwaters is not allowed). The Schenck’s Island Merwin Meadows study committee is actively working to develop proposals for both of these parks. Public input will be sought. Committee meeting agendas and minutes are available on

How does the Town decide which roads to pave?

The paving schedule for less-traveled roads is based on age with exceptions due to proximity to another road(s) being paved or excessive deterioration. Most of the less-traveled roads being paved in FY 2018 were last paved between 1986 and 1992.  Heavily traveled roads are selected based on their condition. The town is paving 15 miles of roads this year and plans to pave 15 miles per year over the next four years subject to voter approval. At the completion of the five-year period, all roads will be 10 years old or less. This year's paving schedule can be found on the town's homepage.  

Can a railroad crossing be installed at the end of the bridge to Schencks Island?

For safety reasons, Metro-North is no longer installing railroad crossings on its tracks.   There is not enough roadway length to continue the road above the tracks.  
With school beginning soon, is it possible to install a traffic light at the intersection of Catalpa Road and Route 7?
After last September's two accidents in this area, the police department requested the state study the intersection for consideration for a traffic light or improvement to the line of sight. The state held its review, including a visit to the site. The state determined a light was not needed and the line of sight at the intersection was adequate. As Route 7 is a state road, the state is the decision maker. We encourage parents and students to use alternate entrances to the Wilton High School campus and to consider riding the bus with greater frequency.

Why isn't the Town repairing the big potholes on Calvary Road off of Calvary Hill Road?

Calvary Road is a private road and as such it is the responsibility of the owner, not the town, to maintain and repair the road. There are 86 private roads in the Town of Wilton which are all privately maintained. Repairing one private road, opens up the town to repairing all and the associated costs.