April 'POOLS' Day is here!

April POOLS Day is here! April 30th is declared April POOLS Day in Wilton by your Emergency Services. As we kick off the pool, swimming, boating and water activity season, let’s take the time to understand of the dangers of water activities.
The fire department, police department and the Wilton Dive Rescue Team are supporting this townwide initiative along with the YMCA and the Wilton school system. It’s time to take a deeper look into the program.
Listed below are things to think about as we embark on the warmer months. Also note the other drown prevention measures listed. Drowning is not limited to the pool, pond, lake or the ocean:

For more information on water safety and drown prevention, go to: http://rdcrss.org/1UKMhLF and http://bit.ly/23rJLPt
Prevent drowning: Block-Watch-Learn