Platform beverage carts pulled at Grand Central Terminal during investigation

Thirsty commuters heading home from New York City this holiday season are going to have to give themselves some extra time to grab a drink and unwind on the way home.

The  beverage carts that offered a variety of drinks and snacks on the platforms to Metro-North riders sometimes hurrying for a train have been pulled due to an ongoing investigation, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The investigation is a result of a spot audit conducted by Metro-North after a vendor complained. The audit revealed irregularities which prompted a full scale audit/investigation of all bar carts and counters. According to the MTA, the inspector general was brought in at the beginning and continues to be involved with the ongoing investigation. Three employees have been removed from service.

"All 18 commissary carts and two commissary counters at Grand Central Terminal have been taken out of service as of Dec. 7 because of an ongoing investigation initiated by Metro-North. They will remain closed while the investigation continues," said Aaron Donovan, MTA spokesman.

Commuter Action Group founder and Darien resident Jim Cameron added that the timing of the pulling of the bar carts was unfortunate.

"Unfortunate both for the passengers and the MTA — the money they make on bar sales subsidizes fares," he said.