Letter: Budget time is here

To the Editors:

The first sign of spring has arrived in Wilton. No it’s not the crocuses appearing, too much snow, but rather the Board of Education (BOE) and its chairman starting the normal campaign “If you don’t give us all the money we are asking for you will be depriving our children of a proper education”. This is the same BOE that:

  • Finally admitted that we really don’t have 75/78 students in Pre-K even though they included that number in the last six-plus budgets. This number was also used to justify the overbuilding of M-D.
  • Spent at least $300K, in the last two years, on trying to  prevent citizens from getting information they are entitled to under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.
  • Has not implemented savings recommended, in a study they commissioned in 2015, that identified savings for Wilton if they merely followed best practices. In their words “Wilton had overstaffed many areas compared to the national average” (i.e. Wilton has over four times the national average of psychologists).
  • Is currently embarking on an expensive program using consultants to implement a program to coach, coaches to coach teachers without providing any cost benefit analyses or pilot program.

It is time for the BOE to understand that they have a fiscal responsibility to Wilton. Sensible Wilton believes that, at a minimum, that the citizens receive accurate budget data prepared in accordance with accepted accounting principles. We have not received this minimum from the current Board.

Alex Ruskewich
Sensible Wilton
Wilton, March 13

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  • Aletheologist

    The time is long overdue for the BOE to understand the great harm its excessive budgets have caused to our town. Declining enrollment should translate to budget cuts. Simple.

  • Kevin Hickey

    Did Likly call critics “polluters” last year? Well, he’s got the biggest pollution problem of all…and he is messing up Wilton big time…

  • Thomas Paine Today

    Leadership by Board of Finance on managing the Board of Ed money supply fails to operate at even the level of minimum wage customer service reps at DIRECTV, where you can call in, tell them you need to reduce monthly costs from $80 to $60, and they’ll magically describe an unpublished ‘package of programs’ that costs $60 without elimination most necessary, popular, and optional channels. NOT painful.

    BOF: You must tell the BOE that $XY,000,000 is the new, meaningfully lower funding from which the employed Superintendent and administrators are to provide Wilton school educations. Wilton doesn’t need Showtime, just the primary educational programming and a few options.

    Wilton needs to show a DROP in housing taxes that follows the DROP in revenues; that’s the REAL affordable housing requirement! Common Sense again is easy.

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